Top 5 High On Demand Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada

Canada’s New Free Visa Policy for Africans
Canada’s New Free Visa Policy for Africans

Top 5 High On Demand Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada Canada boasts a vast array of over 300 occupations classified as skilled trade jobs, and the majority of these positions are in high demand nationwide, promising rewarding career prospects.

What’s more, Canada is intensifying its emphasis on skilled trades, offering a streamlined pathway to permanent residency for individuals with experience, whether acquired within or outside Canada, in one of these trades.

Top 5 High On Demand Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada
Top 5 High On Demand Skilled Trade Jobs In Canada

Additionally, Canada faces a significant labor shortage in most skilled trades, with an estimated requirement for 256,000 new apprentices over the next five years to meet this burgeoning demand.

Given the substantial number of skilled trade occupations in Canada, individuals often encounter dilemmas when selecting their career paths, struggling to determine which one aligns best with their aspirations.

This article lists high demand skilled trades jobs in Canada as well as all the provinces so that our readers can make an informed decision when choosing their career path.

As per the official Canadian estimate, listed below are the top in-demand skilled trades expected from 2022 to 2026:

Top 5 High-Demand Skilled Trade jobs in Canada

1. Cooks

Cooks have the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code of 63200. They prepare and cook a wide range of dishes.

Cooks work in a variety of enterprises, including restaurants, lodging facilities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, central food commissaries, and educational institutions.

2. Industrial Electricians and Electrical Contractors

Industrial electricians and electrical contractors have the NOC code 72201.

Industrial electricians maintain, test, diagnose, and fix industrial electrical machinery as well as the electronic and electrical controls that go along with it.

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Electrical contractors, as well as the maintenance divisions of factories, plants, mines, shipyards, and other industrial facilities, employ them.

3. Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights)

Industrial mechanics and construction millwrights have the NOC code 72400, and they install, maintain, diagnose, overhaul, and repair mechanical equipment and stationary industrial machinery.

Industrial textile machinery mechanics and repairers are included in this unit group. Contractors for millwrighting work in the construction industry.

Manufacturing facilities, utilities, and other industrial establishments all employ industrial mechanics.

4. Painters and Decorators

Painters and decorators have the NOC code 73112, and they cover the inside and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures with paint, wallpaper, and other finishes.

They work for construction firms, painting contractors, and building maintenance firms, or they may be independent contractors.

5. Welders

Welders have the NOC code 72106, and they use welding equipment to join ferrous and nonferrous metals together.

Machine operators who operate already-set-up production welding, brazing, and soldering equipment are also included in this unit group.

They can work for enterprises that make structural steel and platework, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft and ships, and other metal products, as well as welding contractors and welding shops, or they can work for themselves.

What are in-demand skilled trades in Ontario?

Here are some in-demand skilled trades in Ontario:

1. Electricians
2. Plumbers
3. Carpenters
4. Welders
5. HVAC Technicians
6. Bricklayers/Masons
7. Industrial Mechanics
8. Heavy Equipment Technicians
9. Construction Managers
10. Elevator Mechanics

These trades have a strong demand in Ontario due to ongoing construction projects and infrastructure development.


What are in-demand skilled trades in Alberta?

Some in-demand skilled trades in Alberta are:

1. Electricians
2. Welders
3. Heavy-duty equipment technicians
4. Plumbers
5. Carpenters
6. Steamfitters and pipefitters
7. Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics
8. Industrial mechanics (millwrights)
9. Instrumentation and control technicians
10. Sheet metal workers

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