Top Jobs to Fast Track Your UK Work Visa

Top Jobs to Fast Track Your UK Work Visa
Top Jobs to Fast Track Your UK Work Visa

Top Jobs to Fast Track Your UK Work Visa Nigeria and other countries with a large youthful population have an opportunity to benefit from the current skills shortage in the United Kingdom (UK). According to a recent report by Erudera, a global university and academic program search platform, there is a list of in-demand jobs and academic degrees that can help address the skill gap in the UK.

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) has prompted the country to be more flexible with its immigration routes in order to stimulate economic growth. This has resulted in numerous job vacancies at the middle and low levels in the country. Some of the immigration routes introduced include the Graduate route, High Potential Individual visa, Global talent visa, and Scale-up visa. Official data shows a significant increase in the number of Nigerians receiving UK worker visas, rising by 574.8 percent to 13,449 in 2022 from 1,993 in 2019.

Health Sector Jobs (£16.94 per hour)

The healthcare sector in the UK has been grappling with staff shortages, making the country heavily reliant on importing healthcare professionals. The government has pledged to increase nurse numbers by 50,000 over the next five years and has offered additional cost of living support of £5,000. The introduction of the Health and Care Visa policy aims to facilitate the migration of healthcare professionals to the UK by making the process cheaper, quicker, and easier.

Data from the British government shows that Nigeria was among the top three countries with the second-largest increase in skilled work visas under the health and care category, rising by 251 percent to 17,596 in the year ending March 2023 from 5,009 in the year ending March 2022. The National Careers Service projects a 6.2 percent job growth in this sector by 2027, resulting in 4,300 new jobs. With almost half of the workforce projected to retire during the same period, there will be a total of 33,400 vacancies available.

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Biological Scientists and Biochemists (£12.55 per hour)

Biological scientists and biochemists play a crucial role in examining and investigating living organisms, including their inter-relationships, environments, and diseases. The increasing number of job openings in this sector presents exciting prospects for aspiring scientists in the UK. The field of biological sciences and biochemistry has shown steady employment growth, with around 95,800 individuals employed in these roles in 2021, compared to 91,800 in 2010. A projected job growth of 4.2 percent is expected in this sector by 2027, creating approximately 4,500 new employment opportunities.

Engineering (£13.54-£16.12 per hour)

The UK has a high demand for civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineers. A study by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Learning reveals that 89 percent of STEM businesses struggle to recruit, resulting in a current shortfall of 173,000 skilled workers, costing UK businesses an estimated £1.5 billion annually in recruitment. Engineering jobs account for a substantial proportion of the UK’s working population, with at least 15 percent of the workforce employed in this field across all regions. The UK government projects a 4.2 percent growth in the mechanical engineering sector by 2027, leading to approximately 3,800 employment prospects.

IT Business Analysts, Architects, and Systems Designers (£15.43 per hour)

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Top Job Opportunities in the UK: Computer Science, Architecture, and More

When it comes to job prospects, the most sought-after fields are computer science, information technology, business administration, or related disciplines.

According to Erudera, the prominent employers in this sector are computer programming, legal and accounting, as well as head offices.

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“These sectors offer excellent employment opportunities for individuals holding computer science degrees. London stands out as the region with the highest number of prospects for programmers and software developers in the UK,” stated Erudera.

London, being the capital city, serves as a thriving hub for those aspiring to pursue careers in this field, presenting a wide range of exciting job prospects.

Architects: High Demand in London and the South East

In the field of architecture, London and the South East (England) offer the greatest concentration of opportunities and the most favorable job prospects for architects.

As per the UK government, the architectural sector is expected to witness a 4.3 percent increase in employment opportunities by 2027, resulting in approximately 2,900 new prospects.

“During the same period, it is projected that 55.3 percent of the current workforce will retire, leading to a significant total of 37,700 vacancies,” added Erudera.

The Architects Registration Board (ARD) of the country highlighted that the distribution of architects across the UK is imbalanced, with half of all architects being based in London and the South East, despite the region accounting for only 27 percent of the total UK population.

“To register as an architect in the UK, individuals with qualifications from outside the European Union or non-recognized UK qualifications must successfully complete the ARB’s Examination for equivalence to prescribed qualifications,” explained Erudera.

Other in-demand occupations include programmers and software development professionals (£13.95 per hour), web design and development professionals (£10.99 per hour), veterinarians (£13.83 per hour), cybersecurity specialists (£13.17 per hour), and laboratory technicians (£7.75 per hour).

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Top Jobs to Fast Track Your UK Work Visa
Top Jobs to Fast Track Your UK Work Visa

SOURCE: Business Day NG

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