Tragic!! Groom beaten to death at his wedding reception after two uninvited men showed up

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Friends and family members are mourning the death of a 30-year-old California man who was killed at his wedding reception just hours after he exchanged wedding vows with his wife.

It was reported that two uninvited men came to the newlyweds’ reception over the weekend and beat the groom to death with baseball bats.

The Groom, Joe Melgoza, 30, suffered from a blunt-force trauma to the head after he was attacked across the street from the reception venue in Chino, California, at around 2.20am on Sunday. He was rushed to Chino Valley Medical Center, where he died.

According to the Chino Police Department, the siblings did not know Melgoza, but lived not far from the home of his wife’s family in the 13200 block of 17th Street where the wedding reception was being held, and showed up at the celebration uninvited, reported KTLA5.

The men allegedly got into a fight with some of the guests and were asked to leave, which they did, only to return a short time later armed with baseball bats, according to Melgoza’s brother Andy Velasquez.

Velasquez told NBC Los Angeles through sobs that his brother tried to confront the ‘cowards,’ who then pulled him away and killed him.

Joe Melgoza is survived by his wife of just a few hours, Esther Bustamante Melgoza, and his 11-year-old daughter.

See comments and reactions:

Omoghelede Christian: And the guests where looking at the intruders when the beating was going on. They were lucky it ddnt happen in my state

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Valaria Ekoja: All the guests at the reception are very stupid. All. Especially the brother that was explaining.

Johnson Loveth: I don’t understand hope this is not audio beating or audio death o.. you can’t tell me that someone is beating to death as his own reception and everyone there couldn’t save him..hmm.. Las Las he go be audio death…

Tina Anthony: So the other guests just stood there and watched him been beaten to death? This can’t happen in Nigeria, RIP to the dead

Confidence Classic: Hand work of ex, stop messing people’s heart up, some are heartless, u might end up hurting their intestine thinking its their heart

Moses Edet: This generation is the worse generation and this generation needs Jesus. Instead of them to help the man but they were busy videoing and taking pictures😭😭😭

Olajumoke Elizabeth: Wait, that must be from an ex… This is to remind us that not everyone who you part ways with actually means it for good. Some may wish to come back but scared to be rejected. Some deadly ones will make sure you don’t have happiness with another person. So it’s necessary to clear everything before moving in. Well, I thank God my ex is married 😂.. I just still hope he is able to handle the loss feeling by the time he sees/hears boo taking forever vows with me soonest.😋😋

Maria Ozioma: Jeez!
This must be work of an ex.
So men can never still learn, don’t cage Someone daughter for years, and be chopping her kpekus all in the name of I will marry u, and later on u failed to marry her and go and marry another.. This is very risk mission, and many men who followed this part never come back to tell the story..

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May his soul rip. Amen.

Ezugwuorie Chiwendu: That’s act of X , keep on playing with someone heart thinking you are chopping him/her mugu not knowing that every bad thing has a price to pay

Godstime Iyayi: Jesus Christ!!!!, and to think that all the guests there with his family members were there watching him, while he was being beaten to death.
I think there is more to this matter

Mboma Precious: Do you people know how girls he have broken their hearts in the name of love and I will marry you
Some guys will Tell I want to marry a virgin my dear who go marry those ones you done spoil finish
That why the say becareful on some words you use during love matter because a heart of a human is very dangerous than the smile
You can play with okafor but okey may not stand it

Uchechi Okoro: See talk! And his family members were jus looking at them or wat? Nobody intervened? Chei. If na my own touch one, touch all.

Damilola Susan: Everybody keep saying why will they beat him and other guest is there. Which is obvious you didn’t click on the link. Now let me tell you what happened. Even me I didn’t click on the link.

Chi Amaka: Act of ex, when I said stop messing up with people’s heart for the word forgive and forget don’t exist in some people’s diary still some people will not hear, you see the results

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