Transforming the Rivers Economy: Rivers APC Hails Amaechi, Chides Wike

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Transforming the Rivers Economy: Rivers APC Hails Amaechi, Chides Wike

The State Chapter of the APC has lashed out at the Governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyesom Wike,  accusing him of deliberately misrepresenting issues, creating division among Rivers people for spreading falsehood.
Spokesman of the APC in Rivers State, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke said in statement hailing the Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, that Governor Wike deliberately misled  the public through the spread of unsubstantiated claims that his predecessor was not doing anything for the benefit of the Rivers people.
“Governor Nyesom Wike had taken to the rostrum to vilify the hard working Minister who is delivering quality services to the Nigerian people.
“Can Wike honestly compare the value of the projects that he supposedly attracted to Rivers State as a Minister of  State in the Ministry of  Education with what his former boss is bringing back home?”, the APC asked.
“While challenging Amaechi to show proof of what he has done, it appears Wike forgot a number of things.
“He forgot the Bodo – Bonny road, the completion of the local wing of the Port Harcourt International Airport,  and the resuscitation of the Onne Port when he threatened to resign.
“He even forgot that the Minister of Transportation was behind the decision by the Buhari administration to embark on the Ogoni cleanup.
“We believe that the Governor is a man of honour. Now that there is proof of Amaechi’s extension of projects to Rivers State, we expect that the Governor of Rivers State would keep his promise and resign.”
The APC hailed President Muhammadu Buhari and the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi for saturating the Rivers landscape with Federal Government projects.
Chief Nwuke said “the Rivers people are happy with the quantum  of high quality  projects that the Federal Government has approved for Rivers State.”
“They are projects which would stimulate the State economy, create wealth and much needed jobs.”
He said there was no basis to compare Amaechi and Wike, saying the Governor had even settled the argument.
“By his own admission, Wike attracted projects in millions of naira. Amaechi is bringing home projects that are worth billions of dollars.
“The interesting thing is that the Federal Government would not spend a dime on the construction of the Industrial Rail Park and the Bonny Deep Sea Port.
“It takes a lot of insight to get things done, to reach those compromises, reach those understandings that are typically development-driven.
“The future belongs, not to those who lay curses, who fabricate lies, who are enchanted by cheap propaganda.
“The world has since left that Port.The ship is steaming in the direction of a new world, a new destination, that is  dominated by ideas, vision, science and technology.”
The APC said it was not in any doubt about the sterling quality  of the two-time Governor of Rivers State.
“We are glad that Amaechi is displaying capacity in the transport sector. The industrial park alone would make a clear difference in the Rivers of the future. It would turn Port Harcourt into a hub and a centre of excellence.”
The APC noted that contrary  to the view portrayed by Wike, Amaechi had commenced the good work by ensuring that port operations are decentralized.
“Today the Onne Port has gone into full operation. The biggest container ship in the world arrived that Port recently.  The other day containers were delivered further inland to Onitsha from Onne. It is the first time that would happen in 40 years.
“We are satisfied that there is a plan by the Minister to contribute to the growth of the State. Rivers people are clearly seeing it.
“We know the truth when we see one. And Rivers people do not need anyone to feed them with a brand  of truth that is consistently at variance with  realism.”

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Ogbonna Nwuke
APC, Rivers State.
October 8, 2020

Transforming the Rivers Economy: Rivers APC Hails Amaechi, Chides Wike
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