Transportation A Major Factor To Fast Track Development ~ Justice Chikezie


Generally, transport is the movement of persons and or things across space. It is also the relocation and distribution process of persons, goods, information, ideas etc. For instance, people who live at some distance from their places of work demand transport in order to get quickly and safely from residences to their places of work. Secondly, an explorer of natural resources needs transport in order to get to the exploration site and of course to move the materials exploited to other locations where they are needed. A producer on the other hand needs transport just as any other raw material input in his production. This is because the production of any commodity is not complete until the commodity gets to the consumers.

In a quest for safe and suitable means of transportation, roads and bridges will be built connecting urban rural areas, thereby engendering rural development, which will attract other social amenities like schools, markets, hospitals, pipe borne water etc. (e.g. (1)Road Transport) which is suitable for short and medium distance travel, it also provide door-to-door service. It can move without a prepared rout , it is convenient and does not require an elaborate terminal.

(2) Rail Transport, which is a product of industrial revolution, it uses rail line as track way for movement with its sources of power formally are coal, and presently diesel and electricity. It has three major advantages, i.e. ability to carry bulky and heavy goods, it is suitable for long distances and ability to move large volume of goods and passengers at a time.

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(3) Air Transport, was developed over a century ago, the Second World War had significant impact in the development of this mode . It uses the medium of the atmosphere. It sub modes are Aircraft, Helicopter and Balloon. It is the fastest of all modes of transportation, free from terrestrial obstacles.

(4) Water Transport: which comprises of Sea/Maritime and Inland waterways.

Sea/Maritime Transport: it uses the ocean as its medium. Ocean lines, Tankers, Hovercraft, Hydrofoil. It has the ability to carry the largest number of passengers and goods. It is the cheapest mode of transport and does not require route construction.

Inland waterways Transport: it is the transportation along Rivers.
It has the following as Sub-Modes;
Speed Boat
Tug boat
It does not require the construction of track although dredging or canalization may be necessary. It is the only suitable route in some difficult environment. It has low fuel consumption.

We can see why the present Nigeria Government striving hard to fix the Nigerian transportation sector to galvanize development from the urban areas through the rural communities.

*Chikezie Justice*


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