“Truth Is Bitter!” Open Letter To Naira Marley And Terry G ~ Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

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Truth Is Bitter! Open Letter To Naira Marley And Terry G By Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

Terry G and Naira Marley’s comparison on social media is becoming more frequent than I thought of when it started last year. Let’s settle it this time.

Terry G is the older artiste in the music industry, while Naira Marley is the new kid on the block, but, the latter’s fans do not want to agree to the fact that the former is ‘Daddy’ to Naira Marley, so they will keep arguing.

Terry G, during his reign, penetrated the industry with different slangs and what he called ‘Free Madness’. These slangs and free madness are what we now know as ‘Lamba’ and ‘No Manners’, as used by Naira Marley.

The big difference that will always place Terry G at the forefront is that no Nigerian musician has outshone or match his ‘Energy’. I can say Naira Marley is the softer version of Terry G, backed with his social media fans, Marlians.

During Terry G’s reign in 2000 till 2014, he was notorious for being the weirdest musician in Nigeria and one of the weirdest in the world (no exaggeration). To outshine Terry G, you have to actually run mad, and if no artiste can do this, Terry G’s madness will always be at the top. Naira Marley has this trait but milder than Terry G’s.

Naira Marley is arguably the current street-hop king and lord of lamba, he has successfully hypnotised his fans, and so, they fall for anything he does. Thanks to social media that have bridged the gap between fans and artistes, this development is one major benefit Naira Marley is enjoying, which wasn’t active when Terry G was aggressively in the game.

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For Terry G to have spanned over 14 years, excluding the years he spent as an ‘upcoming artiste’, he deserves all the respect Marlians can give him. Terry G pioneered the popular street-hop music genre that the likes of Olamide, Naira Marley, Zlatan and others are dwelling on today. Terry G laid not only the bed for all street musicians to sleep on, he was among the people who constructed the bed with no western equipment.

Going forward and leaving all the arguments of who the bigger artiste between Terry G and Naira Marley is, the way the Nigerian music industry works, fans are more interested in musicians who are more active and give them the music they want than other musicians. Therefore, Terry G and Naira Marley need each other right now.

The multiple trends about Terry G and Naira Marley are confirmations that any musical project, be it single, joint EP or collaborative album from them would be a hit, be on the lips of their fans for decades and I’m sure will break and set new records in Nigeria.

We all saw what happened when Duncan Mighty and Wizkid collaborated, they stunned the industry and put smiles on many faces. It was a huge success for Duncan Might who’s career instantly resurrected and reemerged to top the list of artistes to collaborate with in Nigeria in 2018. Wizkid got the bigger win, as we credited all the victories to his efforts on the song, ‘Fake Love’. Throughout 2018 that they released the song till date, Wizkid gained more respect from music executives, pundits and fans.

Naira Marley is barely two years holding down the music industry, but Terry G held the industry as a top musician for 14 solid years despite the stiff competition he had from Timaya, Klever Jay, Konga, K-Solo and others, and Naira Marley needs to learn so much from how he achieved that and infuse it into his current status to eventually become indomitable.

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The truth is bitter, Naira Marley can reignite Terry G’s fire, while Naira Marley’s fire can burn even more with Terry G. Think about it, it is a win for you both.

Thank you.

Adeyinka Oluwamayowa.

@mrseptin911 on social media.

See comments and reactions:

Ifejika Chikwado: Nigerians like something that is going to freak them and get them freaked out on a freaky day…the two are good and incredible. They both have good dancing BEATs but there lyrics are just RUBBISH…. that’s the bitter truth

China Man: If social media was as strong as it is now … TERRY G will get his own street name as MARLIANS with “SANKO” he has street madness

Miracle Umejicash: I tried dancing tesunmole the other day and I nearly had dislocation of the waist Naira marley ur real dad dia
As for terry G ur own madness is on 5g i tried ringing my sku bell to immitate u while i was in secondary sku forgetting i was supposed to ring for break time my class teacher flogged hell outta me
Terry G ur fada dia

Atoyemi Thenny: Terry G is still the fada… I once saw him at Nigeria-Benin Republic border fvcking Benin police up.. bro your microphone is still working, keep testing, praaa

Simon Unamu: Very true.

TerryG is far more ahead and held the industry for good 14yrs as king of street just as #Marley

Marley is just holding the street for just two years. Still a baby 🤣🤣🤣

Comr Y Haruna: Comparing Naira Marley to Terry G is like comparing Tammy Abraham to Didier Drogba.

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I rest my case!

Cyrus Ojege: Terry G is a musician who introduced free madness and the madness was for music vibes. You enjoy is vocal strength. The energy was much but his impact on the younger generation was not negative. You can listen and watch Terry G and still smile. His song are cool . Lyrics are not much bad. But for the dirty one. For the thief. For the negative one called Naira hmmm is a bad influence on the generation. Nothing good about him. Don’t compare him to any musician in Nigeria. Like a pastor said he is demon maybe that’s true. Don’t argue with me I’m your father and insult me you are indirectly insulting your father too.
Naira is a bad influence to this generation and he need change. Bye let me go and bath my hot water water.

Joe Seph: Even terry g himself said u can only run run run pass Terry g wen u run mad… But naira Marley neva run mad shaa he still dey learn work for were terry g dey 🙆🙆🙄

Lucia Herbert: Las Las the truth has been told dat these recent musicians jst try to copy the old ones frm way behind like u see Burna boy n Fela

Favour Nwadike: Both of them have different music style, tarry G is a madman on stage, naira marley is a marlian, both songs are meaningless.

Eve Isaac: Omo this one pass letter. E be like say na novel I dey read.
U can only outshine terry g when u run mad so naira Marley is still learning from the Apako master

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