University of Uyo freshers orientation Fire drill goes terribly wrong

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“So today, they wanted to teach freshers what to do when there is a fire outbreak and this was the outcome” — Fire drill goes terribly wrong in University of Uyo during freshers orientation.

A fire drill went horribly wrong recently during an orientation lecture on Fire Emergency for freshers at the University of Uyo.

What’s supposed to be a fire drill on emergency, turned into a fire outbreak.

See comments and reactions:

@Ojayfemi: The lady in the 2nd pix foresaw what was coming, she was already in tears of laughter.

@sijirule360: How do you practice on a wooden stage the safety officer should be arrested, does he not know wind can carry the flames to another direction?

Brother if you know how stages are built it’s a wooden surface, polished wood, polish for wood means grees, means petroleum product…. Means conburstable..

@adaoli_s : Who was teaching you guys 😂😂. I’ve taken this classes before and they practicalize it outside the building not inside.

@iam_asedeeq: all fun and games but we’ve seen school suspend students cos of posts online. I hope they turn blind eye to this

@wheezkheed: The firefighters na real amateurs. How do you put out a fire inside bucket. The extinguisher won’t be able to get to the root of the fire which is the bottom. Just cover the damm thing with a lid.

@safelyabout: This is very wrong! very very WRONG! You do not teach fire fighting on a stage, it is an outdoor activity.

This is a hazard they created with their own hands. I am disappointed with these instructors.


Of course a ‘fresher’ will make mistakes, you do not take chances.

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