”Use your firearms for protection when your life is in danger” – IGP Adamu tells police officers



Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has said every Police officer is entitled to human rights protection and he advised them to use their firearms to protect themselves whenever they are in the face of any form of danger.

IGP Adamu is currently touring different state commands to assess the level of destruction each command suffered during the civil unrest that broke out across the country after hoodlums hijacked the #EndSARS protests.

Several police officers were killed and many stations destroyed in the wake of the unrest.

The IGP said ;

“All that happened in terms of attacks on the police and police stations, should not stop us from coming out to perform our constitutional duties. But while we are performing this constitutional duties, we must also protect ourselves because every policeman is a human being and is also entitled to human rights protection.

Don’t forget your force order 237. You read and digest it very well. You know when you should use your firearms. You use your firearms in a lawful manner.

One of the ways you use your firearms is when your life is in danger and there is no other way through, then you use your firearms. Does it make sense for a policeman to die when he is carrying a rifle?”

See video below ;

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Martin Beck: Wouldn’t the ordinary citizens brutalized daily by these same men what to protect themselves from the dangers and brutality they are subjected to everyday? Nobody ever took up arms against the police till they maimed citizens beyond breaking point.


People have been killed in cold blood and no justice given. Instead of pushing officers to be more professional, you’re talking about the open use of firearms to protect themselves, so what will the people they put in danger every day do?

So if Jane’s physique makes me enter gutter because I was looking at her, I should carry her home and discipline her by force because she has been a bad girl?

Michael Eje: I see Nigeria police problem far from finish as this Adamu Mohammed is still the IGP in this country.
Come to notice people wey dey answer Adamu dey always get brain issue.

Ani Sunday: They are just doing everything possible to put fears on youths so that we no go protest again….

Leo Feddy: We self we need to get our own firearm oo,so that we can still protect ourselves when ever they are putting ourlives in danger… yeye dey smell

Okeke Chidera: I hear! For lagos here, i have witnessed where even with a gun; a soldier was beaten mercilessly talk more of a police officer wey him training na to dance.
Mtchewwww… just pray not to fall into the hands of angry people, na then you go hear weèee.

Ebere Ofomata: It is clear now that this battle line has been drawn
We the citizens need to get our own arms to defend ourselves in times of danger too!!

Alloy Smith: I think everyone should have a license to fire arms in this country after going through sociological and psychological tests. It will go a long way to make this place a better place!

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Mbah Emmanuel: This IGP needs to be removed from that office,he is incompetent to be the head of that office…that was how he said dead officers would be promoted in rank,no be who dey alive them dey promote..
Nigeria with psychos in big offices

”Use your firearms for protection when your life is in danger” – IGP Adamu tells police officers
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