WATCH VIDEO: 21-year-old man allegedly poisons his twin brother for money ritual

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A 21-year-old man was paraded round a community in one of the South-East states after allegedly poisoning his twin brother for money ritual.

He was however nabbed after his twin brother noticed that the stew had changed colour. The suspect reportedly confessed to poisoning his brother’s food for quick money, because he is tired of of suffering.

The suspect who was seen carrying the pot of food on his head in the video, was forced to drink palm oil after eating a poisoned meat from the food.

See comments and reactions:

Caring Moses: When am rich…..I will just employ a Yoruba woman that will be helping me lay curse on some people.

Vivian Thompson: Na wa o
The devil in you is destroying u small small
what a wicked human being

Walshak Kos-Trouble: There is nothing good in money ritual, some people do money ritual and still live in 2 bedroom flat… When you do money ritual are u going to be richer than Dangote?

Nothing good comes from the devil, if the devil gives you necklace he will collect your neck… The best is to hustle money is a legal way and have peace of mind

Benjamin Benevolent: Is there anything we can’t do because of money in this world.
We may be thinking that enemy is far without knowing that they are within.
This is to prove that the same people you eat in same plate with, can easily end your life.

Thank God , he did not succeed.
Even the person he want to kill in turn to help him up when he was beating because of his evil act.
What an interesting world

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Melody Sweet: The video touched my heart 😢,even the twin brother he tried to kill for money ritual,was the one trying to help him after he ate one of the meat,he couldn’t see his twin brother dying.

Noble Chima: It happened in mbaise in imo state.but the twin brother was smart enough to notice that the stew he was cooking changed colour and he raised alarm, the shylock was apprehended by the villagers and paraded round the village, but what I can’t really say is what happened to him thereafter.

Lesson to learn: trust nobody not even a twin bcs human beings have different mindsets and conscience. TRUST ONLY IN GOD.

See video

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