WATCH VIDEO: a pregnancy woman embarrassed man on the road asking him “Did you sleep with me or not?


A Nigerian man and his pregnant girlfriend were recently spotted publicly engaging in a verbal fight over the lady’s 8-month-old pregnancy.

In the viral video the estranged lovers argued about the paternity of the child. While the pregnant lady insisted that the Nigerian man is the father of her unborn child, he denied being responsible for it.

The man alleged that while he was away for a job 9 months ago, he got reports that she was cheating on him.

Meanwhile, a mutual friend who supported the lady, maintained that the duo slept with each other and the pregnant lady was there for the man when he had nothing.

The pregnant lady who later held on to the man’s cloth, revealed that she asked for a DNA test but he refused.

The police were later involved to settle the matter.

Watch video below,

See comments and reactions

Oge Michael: So as old as she is she don’t know how to take care of her self after s*x it shows that she is desperate for a husband that’s why she got pregnant since and hide looking for somebody’s son to disgrace rubbish .

Isaiah Atule: Let her born the baby first and then we go for DNA test, if the baby is for the man let him accept if not this one that she is doing will not help her. He sleep with you, was he the only one that slept with you since you were born? You can’t confuse us.

Chidinma Emeka: Women should always think and put their self in that position,u she trust him and also we don’t know their agreement before the guy left.the guy now have make it in life and now the same lady that he slept with in her own room now is too old for him to take care of,she’s good for u when u are busy fucking her so she will be also good as wife.u traveled is that an excuse oga marry her,they told u that she has been sleeping around with men don’t be surprise the person telling him this is the first girl he fuck and promised marriage before living have u ever seen her with any since u came back where is the Prof u have then go for DNA,oga respect ur self

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Sa Ge: If you look at it, it’s very unreasonable i mean why would he or even if she, he could’ve just let her do him people just like doing things they are not even the lady is just like him why would she want him to just let him, this is just a very bad thing in nigeria because ion know the both party just can’t allow them n the onlookers are just allowing them…
I come in peace

Kalyz Blaq: I don’t know why Nigerian men derive joy in denying pregnancy
My neighbor impregnated someone’s daughter…yesterday the girls father came with the girl and 3 military men.
They asked him if he was responsible for the pregnancy, he started denying it saying that he is Importent and he has never slept with a woman before…he was still Lying until one of the military men gave him a very hot slap. Then he started vomiting the truth by force

Kess Oberiko: The pregnant woman dey tear mouth anyhow when the man ask her who get boxers and trousers she start to stammer,all these benin girls can give other man belly to their boyfriend or husband

Akpan Sunday: It may be true the guy is responsible this is why I always want to deal with a lady I love in case it happens I will not deny and disgrace myself in public. I think the guy doesn’t like the lady anymore…

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