WATCH VIDEO: American man flies down to Enugu state to wed his Nigerian Bride

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A Nigerian Lady, identified as Precious Destiny Stewart has tied the knot to the love of her life, An American Man, identified as Richard Stewart.

Precious who hails from Ukehe in Igboetiti Local Government Area in Enugu State has a lavish ceremony with her man, Richard, who hails from Hawaii, US. He flew down to the country to wed his heartthrob.

The wedding took place at Cubana, Enugu State.

Sharing their love story and wedding pictures exclusively with YabaLeftOnline, the bride, Precious said at first she didn’t pay much atention to a ‘hi’ message from a foreign account that seems rather suspicious.

According to precious, she concluded the account was fake. But she decided to play along.. But then, as time went on, their conversation became more and more interesting, and TRUE LOVE was formed.

Precious revealed to us that they ‘dated’ for 3 years online, before he finally decided to fly down to Enugu State, Nigeria to propose and tie the knot with her.

“He is such a happy soul. I can’t thank God enough for what he has done for me. Getting married to him is the sweetest thing that has ever happened in my life. He is ready to go down to earth for my sake. If not him, nobody else. May good lord continue to bless our union forever. Amen”, she reiterated to YabaLeftOnline.

See the wedding photos below;

See comments and reactions:

Don-P Aondofa: The reason Some of them never get husband na because” all they know is” I need a favor,can u do me a favor? “… That statement the Chase Husband away.

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Vera Onyekwere: Don’t go and start talking to everyone on ur dm , be very much carful cos what ever that comes out of it people will still blame u, majority have met wrong people and the world is wicked, rare to see someone who is serious in this platform, the practically copy and paste everything the tell u to another beautiful profile , they will know the don’t want something serious and still come and be disturbing ur life, so ladies be Wise , all of us our hubby no dey for this fb

Rab’iat Ishiaku: For those sisters asking how to have such luck on Facebook

Is not this type of Facebook it’s the other one for the rich where there is no free mode and subscription is expensive

Victor Chris: The only thing am thanking God for is that, the man was not disappointed on your face bcoz some girl face for Facebook different from their face in real life😏😏

Kos-Trouble Walshak: All these people that say they started with Hi on facebook and it ended up in marriage please how did you write your “Hi 😢

Adatreasure Ezinne: Thank God he didn’t just do small thing for ur head!!! Cos my 9ja guys will be doing small thing for their babe head.

Matthew Alao: Very beautiful, I love how people get to marry from here and share their beautiful story, at least no be everything dey bad about social media

Henry Pablo: Shift make I confirm am cus a Nigerian guy in America will send his family to use his picture on his behalf to perform marriage right.

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Yung Joseph: Is there another facebook am using?
All I can here is can u do me a favor?
If I hear that thing, I off my phone, remove the battery, break the SIM card and chew it.. Only send me card some of them knoo

Kos-Trouble Walshak: Ladies, love can find you anywhere

There is no formula to find love, love can find you on facebook , in church , in your street or at your place of work

Humans operate facebook and not ghost …so reply your inbox but use your brain

Leonard Caprio: For all of u asking how she typed the “Hi” it’s like ds = #!. But mk sure to do without D’s statement ” Can u pls do me a favour” ?

Rosemary Ozioma: This one our girls are flying upandan marrying oyibo men and leaving to abroad through Facebook i hope my son finds one to marry o

Carolina Gray: This man when I dey 👀 see so na either OGONI 😅 man or, leave the or, and all those people shouting in the background respect ya self because e can not stop and look at u😁😁😁, congratulations to the couple

Cynthia Nwokocha: Yea. Am a witness too. I met my hubby online (fb). Leaving happily. His d best man I have ever met so far. It all depends on luck. Wat happen for A won’t happen for B. Its just by luck. Everyone has his or her own destiny .

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