WATCH VIDEO AND PHOTO: Court remand #EndSARS protesters in prison.


A magistrate court sitting in Abuja reportedly ordered the remand of five persons who were participants of the #ENDSARS protest in front of the National Assembly in Abuja on Friday, November 6, at a correctional center.

It should be recalled that on Friday, publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore shared videos online claiming that he and some protesters who stormed the National Assembly to paint #EndSARS graffiti on the road leading to the Assembly were attacked by policemen and five of them were arrested.

In an update shared on his Facebook page, Sowore stated that the arrested protesters were arraigned before a Magistrate court and the court denied them bail and ordered they be remanded in prison custody.

“After our #EndSARS Graffiti action at the National Assembly today, we headed to the Magistrates in Wuse area of Abuja where some of our colleagues were arraigned after unlawful arrests were carried out by the Nigerian police.

The court activities were scripted, it was unbelievable! The Magistrate denied our comrades bail using the case of Asari Dokubo as a justification. We were all shocked but not surprised. They were eventually led away to prison! Just another sad day and the reason we must keep fighting to liberate ourselves. #RevolutionNow” he wrote

See photos and videos of those arraigned in court below,


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Read comments and reactions

Lilian Agu: Why is Sowore fronting himself up and down in this EndSars matter!!!
He’s making this protest and subsequent trial and release of these guys political and difficult.
He should stay clear and let their lwayers and relatives and other learned members of these EndSars represent and speak for them.
After all he was among those who lured unaware masses into this government/ Regime.
Make him shift so that we see road run our civil actions to get our rights in this nation!!!!

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Mercy Moses: What a country, so freedom of speech is a sin in this country? So someone cannot air out his displeasure and greviance again? Nawa

Itz Joseph: Nigeria is the giant of africa but it citizens are denied freedom of speech, high rate of insecurity, poverty and extreme hunger
now let talk about africa as a continent it is blessed with so many mineral resources to the extent africa supply other continents raw materials but africa citizens are still the poorest due to bad governance
the greatest enemy of a black man is his fellow black man
#africa as a continent must wake up

Okoli Chimaobi: There’s no freedom of speech at all, this reminds me of one guy who aired his views in his work place, only to have his name shortlisted for an unfavorable transfer, it took the grace of God for the transfer not to take place.
Me am just sitting back to watch the new episode of this comedy channel of a country.

Echo Peters: Let them know the difference between GEJ and PMB. Am expecting them to be shouting ” Sai baba”. I wonder why the youths are complaining of this government. This is not Jonathan anymore that you people protested and even carry coffin to represent his death. Sai baba! We must see the end.

Emmanuel Adeyeye: What do you expect from a failed state that why I suggest change of strategy get your PVC and vote for some one with a vision of Reformation of the country.

WATCH VIDEO AND PHOTO: Court remand #EndSARS protesters in prison.
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