WATCH VIDEO: Angry politician lashes out at Gov. Seyi Makinde for ‘eating alone’ while others suffer.

A video currently making rounds on social media shows the moment a politician angry lambast the governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde for hoarding the national cake.

The politician whose name remains unknown at the time of this publication criticized the governor for backing out on their team, himself in particular after being elected.

In the video, he could be heard saying, “I am not a mad man, I suffered for Seyi Makinde. Someone is suffering while the other is enjoying the money, Government money for that matter. Look at Wasiu, he grew up with him, is this where he should be.”

Watch video below;


See comments and reactions

Michael Ayodeji: Hahahha 🤣🤣🤣 politicians angry because someone eat alone it’s very though
All this wicked politicians we have in Nigeria

Kc Evans: It possibly be as a result of a personal issue. I don’t believe any Nigerian politician feels for the people

Adeshina Saheed: That man is like seyi makinde Godfather, his name is oloopo eyan, maybe he want seyi to spend government money anyhow like sanwo olu is doing at Lagos, smh.

ESTHER COSMOS: Eat first oo , make you no go fent for presidential villa 🙄🧐🙄

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