WATCH VIDEO: Beautiful Nigerian policewoman twerks up a storm

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A beautiful Nigerian policewoman took to Facebook to share a video of her twerking to Fireboy’s ‘Gbas Gbos’ song playing in the background.

The Nigerian policewoman identified simply as Queen Favvy on Facebook is reportedly serving at the Edo State Police Command.

Here is a video of her twerking below;

See comments and reactions:

Aondofa Don-P: The way I Dislike police, I don’t even know if their female police are Beautiful.

Michelle Olisa: She is beautiful and she can dance too honestly i wish we have more of such girls in Nigeria police

Godwin George: She’s a pretty lady and has every right to do what makes her happy. Policewoman or not

Jim Smith: She is tweaking for her customers in their office.. Them know themselves.. All this small small fee area police girls..

Augustine Chukwu: see my people,yeye de smell
after twerking she will go stand for road de disturb innocent bike men,despite I am paying them well
ndi ala everywhere

Michael Okposo: She is a police woman and she is also a young lady. She has lots of youthful energy left in her. So let her dance in peace biko.

Oga Ebuka Chizi: That’s she’s a force woman doesn’t mean she can’t have a wonderful moment like twerking section
We Nigerian are too sentimental and hypocritic in nation
We do these in private and act like saint in public.
And it’s same we that will condemn another person for doing it.

Solo Hills: They won’t allow this beautiful ones to inspect cars in the highway … Wicked people everywhere🤣🤣🤣

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