WATCH VIDEO: Carbi B drags Ghanaian celebrities over the “Meet and Greet” controversy

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American rapper, Cardi B had an Instagram live video where she expressed her fury over the way she is currently being attacked on social media.

Cardi was invited for a meet and greet session with some GH celebrities at a fixed time but she failed to turn up which got many Ghanain celebrities angry.

Cardi B has now reacted to the meet and greet brouhaha and she had some interesting things to say.

Cardi looked visibly upset that they had to take it to social media and she stated that she doesn’t remember telling anyone to come for any meet and greet or having lunch with “any so-called celebrities” from Ghana.

There are also ‘unconfirmed’ rumours that Cardi B might never step foot in Ghana again.

Watch the video below:

See comments and reactions:

Raphael Mbam: I hear say Cardi B wan chop Nigerian jeloff Rice, please make sure it’s not a yourba woman that cook this rice else she will finish eating and start sounding like Tope alabi wen she’s on stage

Chi Cal: They’re shy to speak to her. And she didn’t recognize them at all. LMAO she didn’t expect Ghanaian celebrities coming to meet-greet her.

Luwiz Henry Okeke: Ghana celebrities are too childish to meet with… They can’t speak good English without putting their shitty language to complete a sentence..

Richard Cole: Where the fool wen compare naija to Ghana cos of orderliness for road,see where e carry dem go,orderliness my yansh…

Maryjoana Nicholas: [the worst part is dat I can even understand what cardi B is saying I have played d video more dan five times but still I can’t get it 😏🙄

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Godstime Iyayi: All this naija bloggers sef cannot allow us to hear word.
Every small thing “Cardi did this, Cardi said that”.
Una just like to carry this girl matter for head like yam.

David Max: In the video she said that she never remember inviting anyone for meeting or dinner even the so called ghanian celebrities. so why can’t ghana people let her be and stop talking shiit about her is not by force to meet and greet

Benjamin Benevolent: Ghana should take it easy with her ..
They should make her feel at home.

When they see her in the pool , they could have at least show some glimpses of her presence, celebrity like hyping ..
They dont like boring scene

Downbrown Ofordi: Ghanian celebrities are funny, they want to create history with their unending competition with Nigeria.

Joseph Edem: So bcos of ordinary shit dem dey vex, Cardi b came to Nigerian, only few celebrities turn out, now she in Ghana, all their celebrities and non celebrities con dey beg for kiwikiwi, I did nt even know they have celebrities sef….

Chetam Samuel: I’m sure Ghanaians are in seffia pains right now.

But wait fess…issit Shata Bundle and co you’re calling celebrity?? What are they celebrating exactly? NEPA??

Abdullah Afolabi: Nigerians let’s celebrate. Cardi b has finally settled the battle between Ghana 🇬🇭 jellof and Nigeria own..

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