WATCH VIDEO: Civil Defence officer spotted joining residents to cart Covid-19 palliatives in Abuja.




A Civil Defence officer was spotted joining residents to grab stored Covid-19 palliatives discovered in a warehouse in Gwagwalada, Abuja.

In a video shared online, the alleged officer is seen waiting beside his packaged food items as citizens ran in and out of the warehouse, grabbing stored Covid-19 palliatives for themselves.

After a while, he’s seen grabbing his items and walking out of the venue.

“Officer of the law! Civil Defence officer” Nigerians were heard saying. The officers ignored all the civilians and continued on his way with the items.

Watch the video below…


For days now, Nigerians in different states across the country have been discovering warehouses where Covid-19 palliatives were stored and they’ve been taking them.

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Helen James: Do you think if the idiots that wasted our youths (heroes) have this opportunity they won’t pick from the palliatives? We are all in together! Maybe this civil defense man’s salary may be small compare to the money him and his family spend on food in a month. Let him pick as much as he can. Evil leaders sitting on people’s destiny

Omoniyi Fashina: The rot is everywhere. Every Nigerian regardless of means of livelihood apart from the political leaders are feeling the heat… The country is inhabitable for the masses….😢

Ijonama Chizi: Is he not human that need food too?, is it not same reason that made those weathy politicians to stock such quantity of food, without giving them out to the society who the food was made for?.

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Anthony Maggie: The guy did well, him too na human being, we are in it together. Thank God say him face no show, nobody go catch am!

Roseline Ashia: Because he is a civil defence no means say hungry no go catch am…..abi are his government leaders different from ours as long as na same naija we dey wetin u d face him d face am too…. infact his own mit be worst cos that uniform is just slavery

Raex white: So?
Is he not a Nigerian and deserve what’s rightly his?
Make ulna let am be…na small something he even carry self.

#Yeye government, want people to die of hunger.
Please more address

Bamidele Ola: Most of their Ogas have eaten up their palliative allowances but they dare not talk! These are the Service Chiefs Buhari has confidence in! Maybe he even had to bribe somebody hundreds of thousands of Naira to get the job! Nigeria is broken

Atinuke Akinde: Civil defence no be human being like you or is it because he’s wearing uniform?

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