WATCH VIDEO: “Dirty smelling girl, God punish your family” – Man blasts Tacha for coming during end of protest and demanding for microphone.


A Nigerian man has hurled insults at disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha Akide for coming during end of protest and demanding for microphone from the protesters.

According to the angry man who dragged the reality TV star, they were almost done with the protest when Tacha appeared with two bouncers and began to demand for the microphone which was given to her.

He expressed his displeasure at the fact that Tacha couldn’t come on time to join the protest, she was only interested in chasing clout and posing with the microphone, like she joined in the protest.

“Stupid dirty smelling girl, You no come out for beginning. No be your mates for Big Brother follow us Waka, God go punish your generation?”, He screamed.

Watch video below;

See comments and reactions

Tobi Adewunmi: Pls can someone help me tell the man that it doesn’t change the fact that people would recognize her more than him …….he should try and work hard to be recognized

Benjamin Ezinne: The point still remains that she was given the microphone 🎤. Mr man, Look for something else to use and trend with! Tacha i know and stand the queen of boldness.

Chizoba Jane: Because u were not bold enough to address the public.who born u?..U want shit for pant?..U should be thanking her for doing what u could not do…she’s bold and beautiful…

Sweetmimi Adanne Ebube: Some men can be frustrated, bittered and annoying for no reason… How can you be insulting a woman for no reason and cursing her family at same time 😏😏😏. Gosh! God please deliver us from the hands of all these childish and mannerless boys that claimed to be men… I take my leave 🚶 🚶 🚶

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Jane Onyeoma: SARS suppose carry this one before being banned,see as he look like boko haram. God punish his own family too,why he no carry his own bouncer come?
He for touch her nah make him turn blue black,nonsense people.

Samuel Remi: Nawa oh…..this one is just frustrated, nothing more. Abeg leave my tacha alone oh. I use to dislike her too but right now i jst can’t help but love her tbh. She’s really a sweet lady. I Stan 🔱

Silver Obi: You that was there before time,did you handle the microphone,thank God for the stone in her heart,it’s not everyone that can handle this dragging,,abeg off your mic

Amaka Laura: At the mention of Tacha everyone melts, the people were protesting but immediately Tacha came in everyone started shouting No Leave No Transfer. The love was massive, I can understand their hate

Vicky Ameh: Something like this u go know say de have paid this one….I watched and followed all live sessions today same tacha was still sharing bottled water and you said she came late keep trying to pull her down does still using odour to trend or shade her I believed you guys watched the reunion where Ella and Kim said it was a lie to spoil her reputation use another line that line is old

WATCH VIDEO: “Dirty smelling girl, God punish your family” – Man blasts Tacha for coming during end of protest and demanding for microphone.
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