WATCH VIDEO: Drama as DPO punches protester during #EndSars protest.


Serious drama erupted at Orji Police station after the DPO allegedly punched a male protester following an argument.

According to reports, the protesters had stormed the police station to for a peaceful talk when the DPO got angry and punched one of them in the face.

His action sparked outrage among the protesters who angrily ordered the DPO and other police officers to bring out their guns and shoot them all.

The police officers, on seeing the danger which was looming, beckoned on the DPO to dress back a bit, as the protesters screamed in anger.

Watch the video below;

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Olajide Amoyedo: This people don’t understand the power behind pushing to the wall,I expect government to do something meaningful about this #sars brutality and other nonsense in the country.
Very soon people will disarmed police if this nonsense continue like this,the people in authority should do the needful.

Ifeanyi Udechukwu: Why are Nigerian government so scared of protest, each time a planned protest gets on the way they send their dogs d police to go after peaceful protesters

Patience Ochuole: Of course there’s a proverb that says, “if a fish wants to rot, it starts from the head” what do you expect from the officers in the street if the DPO is acting this way? So you see? Brutality is genetically inclined in the Nigeria Police System. #ENDSARSNOW

Ese Benny: The DPO is part of the problem.. if DPO behaves this badly what about the rest officers under him

Jimoh Abiola: Wat is d problem of dis pple peaceful u will start acting as if u hv seen criminals don’t Nigerians v right to protest peacefully again…haba wic kind country b dis self

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Ezzy Snow: Very stupid DPO, so he can not addressed the people peacefully like a human that he is abi? See as e eyes be like who smoke weed before coming to station🙄🙄

April Dion: Some pipo for dis country sha bitter leaf everywhere common just to comment better tin u nor fit police day fight civilian over protest you still day join the police man🙄🙄

Leyk Seewey: I pity those protesters
If dem kill one of Una
The rest of u go run and sympathize the one dat die for one or two days and after dat his/her soul will rest in hell fire. Just remember Nigeria is not USA. Dey can never apologize

WATCH VIDEO: Drama as DPO punches protester during #EndSars protest.
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