WATCH VIDEO: #EndSars: Mark Angel Almost Beaten Up By Angry Protesters Who Accused Him Of Using Them For Comedy





Nigerian comedian Mark Angel was recently attacked by angry youths who accused him of trying to use them to shoot a comedy skit.

In a viral video, he was seen surrounded by angry people who kept saying that he wants to use them to shoot a comedy skit.

They gathered round him, expressing their anger about his actions, and threatening to use him for comedy too.

Mark Angel however, pleaded with them to calm down, while explaining that it wasn’t his intention to mock any of them.

One of the attackers also pleaded with the others to calm down their temper.

Watch the video below;

See comments and reactions

Christabel Willington: This is no comedy time, anyone shooting comedy videos in this agony should also be seen as same politicians we are fighting….

Therefore, i recommend the youth to break Mark Angel’s neck so carefully so that he won’t get injured… Break his legs too but don’t let blood come out 😔

He’s our comedian so we should treat him with love and care ✌️🙏

Lastborn Xtian: Nigeria is bleeding ..the youths are being killed …the youths are angry ..Nigeria is in a mess .this is not a time for comedy show …he was very lucky to stay alive ..cause from the video I watched they almost took their anger on him

Ruthy Chidalu: We joke with everything in this country and that’s our problem, this is not a time for comedy because the fight is for all of us for a better Nigeria which many people lost there lives in and u are joking with a situation like this 😭 he is lucky the did not unleash the anger the have for buhari on him

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Gift Ofem: I belief he should know better
There is time for everything
Especially now every one is bleeding
Nobody is cut in for any jokes
We are too hurt to smile right now
Just be careful out there

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