WATCH VIDEO: #EndSWAT protesters rescue driver who was at the verge of being extorted by a police officer


A viral video has captured moment #EndSWAT protesters ran into a policeman who was about extorting a driver and together with one voice, they asked him to come out of the car and leave.

In the video now trending on social media, a police officer who had hopped into the front seat of a vehicle and was allegedly trying to extort the driver, was busted moment some protesters passing by saw him and began asking what the driver did.

“What did he do? You must tell us what he did”, the protesting crowd were heard asking the officer who was comfortably seated as though he were a passenger.

When he could not tell what offence the driver committed, the crowd asked him to get out of the vehicle with immediate effect and asked the driver to “drive in peace”.

And with his head bowed in shame and disgrace, the policeman walked away;

Watch video below;

See comments and reactions

Chisom Amarah: You see why the protest keep getting stronger everyday. They won’t rest until we finish them.
We move ✊✊

Doris Enebuse: Yeye police man telling the man that he would waste him. Evil men in Black uniforms.

Mubarak Lanre: Even if them pay some police 500k weekly, them go still like stretch hand collect squeeze money….

Square Achie: Nigerians supporting Nigerians.

This is how it should be.
I’m loving this turnaround.
At least, when politicians and other elements are oppressing us, we’ll stand for/by ourselves!

Kudos to #EndSars protests👍👍👍

Prester Billon: Very foolish risk taker.
How much will that driver pay that he is embarking on such duty in Lagos?
One died in Ughelli Delta State has gone forever. Some police men are truly foolish and bent on tarnishing the image of the intelligent ones in the force.
Just imagine what if mobbed him?

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Samuel Bishop: The policeman was shocked as he expressed his fear. While buhari was laughing when he hard that the people protesting are demanding for compensation

Princess Odesy: This is what we call suicide mission 😂😂😂 wit de on going protest? De olokpa no fear i can see the hands of village people at work is not ordinary

Arinde Stephen: My take on this,we still have many good officers and my advise to inspector general of police is to transfer all personel from Lagos, rivers out of the various states if we really want change in Nigeria police force

Clara Madubuike: I honestly don’t blame them….

Even though Me and You knows they don’t do much than carrying heavy guns that makes them Walk like shatta .
Let’s consider their salary for standing under the hot sun and conducting traffic.

Government needs to do something so this Roger madness can stop .
But firstly Resew new uniforms without pockets 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️

#EndSars #EndSWAT✊✊✊

Adenrele Adebara: How I wish the children of these police men and women extorting money from people on the road watch their parents doing this. It’s so shameful. Many would say their own parents in police don’t take bribe. Just imagine your father coming home everyday with squeezed money .Buts for me I think corruption runs in their bloodline.

WATCH VIDEO: #EndSWAT protesters rescue driver who was at the verge of being extorted by a police officer
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