WATCH VIDEO: “Is this how you’ll repay me After sponsoring you for 3 years?” Lady who caught her cheating boyfriend in a hotel cries out

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A Nigerian lady recently got into a serious fight on the road after she found out what her boyfriend has been doing secretly.

According to reports, the lady had spent so much money while taking care of her boyfriend who isn’t financially buoyant and stable.

The lady said she had been taking care of him for three whole years only to find out that he has been sleeping and lodging at a hotel in Owerri with some girls.

The discovery angered the lady who took to the streets to confront and blast him over his unfaithfulness.

Watch the video below;

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Anslem Iziogo: That serves her right. This goes a long way to prove or portray that it is not only ladies that are expert in breaking men’s hearts. Let’s keep on breaking each other’s hearts until we both repent. Other boyfriends should emulate from this young man and serve the same meal to their girlfriends because he deserves an award. Honestly speaking, this is very commendable! For me, if my girlfriend fails to propose to me from now till December, I will dissolve the relationship. Nobody should quote me because this Coronavirus has really dealt with me.

Nabeela Abba: Sister I swear ur village people hand dey ur matter…who tell you say men are trustworthy people u have made a great mistake. I hope next time even if is your husband u won’t sponsor him because after he finish u n ur money sis na side chick go chop him own money…I come in peace 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

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Chinenye Nwachukwu: See is not a bad thing to help but depending how he or she is seeing it or what you have in mind the guy maybe has promised to marry her is not good but if the guy open up early this wouldn’t have happened so don’t promise what you can not do

Adaobi Jennifer: If u know that u can help anyone in this world without expecting something in return pls make ur demand from them before rendering a helping hand.
We all have been helped in d past one way or d other …but today we no longer remember those who did !

Sisi Eko: Lol, when your brother is doing Yahoo Yahoo sending money for you and your family and you sit down ontop of it criticizing other who never collect asking them if it is the same Yahoo others are doing he is doing. My dear Yahoo is not another thing apart from what he did to you, so endore and look for another person to sponsor lol.

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