WATCH VIDEO: Lady confronts man collecting used sanitary pads from dustbin

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A yet-to-be identified man was recently nabbed picking out used sanitary pads from a dustbin in an Abuja estate.

The man who was confronted by the lady who disposed the used item in the dustbin alongside a male resident of the estate, claimed innocence when questioned.

He even swore on his life that he didn’t collect the pads for evil motives, yet he couldn’t give a concrete reason for picking up the pads.

He was however accused of specifically searching for the used sanitary pad by the lady who said that she carefully placed the used items in a “nylon”, before disposing it.

Watch the video below;

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Yirah Digbara
Ladies really need to stop disposing used sanitary pads in trashcans. I mean, over the years this method have proven to be dangerous. I think the best way to get rid of them is by burning them yourself!

Odoh Ukamaka
God help us
If u can’t burn it … Always pour kerosene on it, tie it well nd dispose
Or throw inside soak away pit if it’s. Not plastered

Betty Lyon
Not because I don’t have money to buy pad,I go for tissue so I can use my own hand to flush it myself,make wetin I no know go kill me,I only have one life and I Never even enjoy am reach any where biko

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Divine Wisdom
Please those of us who can’t access social media should always tell those who can’t,all the things that are going on,so that they can dispose their pants and pads properly.

Ann Bolurin Temini
So there are ladies who don’t dispose their sanitaries well? I have never been to busy to burn my pads… I stand by it until it burns to Ash…

Oluwa Daracme
Thanks God I don’t dispose pad in the dustbin, I put everything in to the 🚽and throw the nylon part away no matter how stressed I am, coz this world is wicked

Skinny Collins
This kind of things fit women sometimes when I was in school some girls would be keeping their sanitary pad any how to the extent that our landlords dog would be carrying it up and down and scattering in front of our yard

Mirabel Nono
From what am seeing.. I won’t be disposing my pads like this again!! This world is wicked

Queen Roy
I normally burry mine in d night… Best way… Becos burning a wet pad is not easy

Glory Okuku
Nothing women no go see for this life! every body want use us make money that is why I don’t put my pad in dustbin.

Frances Ibeneme
Rinse out your used pad in hypo/jik water and throw away the empty cotton wool for them to pick and use for ogwuego…Kanayo o kanayo brothers 😂😂😂

Sarr Deeqie
By women are really suffering oo, their pant na money, their womb na money, their blood na money now even their pad na money…. Chai may God protect u all, being a lady no easy oo and some men go just come use una dump after all this… I pray for una

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