WATCH VIDEO: Lady loses her life after falling into elevator shaft in a hotel in Asaba; Moment she fell caught on CCTV.


A Nigerian lady unfortunately met her demise after she fell into an elevator shaft inside a hotel in Asaba, the capital of Delta state.

According to a Facebook user, the lady, identified as Adaobi Enechukwu, who is a native of Adazi Nnukwu had travelled down to Asaba for a wedding ceremony at an hotel and unknown to her, she walked right into the elevator shaft without waiting for the elevator to come to her floor yet.

The elevator door, which was not supposed to be opened, was opened and made Adaobi lose her life. Nnamdi Ezewuzie, who shared the incident on his Facebook page, blamed the hotel’s management for lack of proper management.

He wrote,

She traveled to Asaba for a wedding ceremony on this hotel called Villa Toscana Hotel, along okpanam road, opposite Nigeria Police Headquarters,

Adaobi Enechukwu annunciator, A native of Adazi Nnukwu met her death due to the carelessness of this hotel management that refused to work on their faulty elevator.. The Elevator door was open and the poor girl walked into that trap without knowing that the elevator didn’t come up. It’s too bad to have such in a hotel and it’s open for biz.

Take a close look at D CCTV footage.

Watch video below;



Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Jessica Abako: The family should sue the hotel that is all, because why will the hotel allow an elevator with fault to be used by customers? they should not even pretend they did not know the elevator have fault its they duty to check it everyday, May her soul rest in peace 🙏 kai this is painful

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Martin Beck: Oh my gosh! 😭 May her soul rest in peace. Amen. This is really terrible. I hope the authorities will check to resolve the issues with the elevator.

You leave home in the morning, expecting to make a living for yourself and return hope safely, yet many times we don’t know what awaits us outside.

Going out and coming back safely is grossly underrated. May she find peace in God’s hands. Amen. 😭

Femi Emmanuel: What pained me most is that, she was about to go and use the stairs (I believe), and then she turned back thinking the elevator was ready to decend since the doors were open..

In all these, painfully, the hotel’s negligence caused her death..

May God forgive her and have mercy on her innocent soul. So sad😐

Banke Olaoye: OMG OMG She went to a wedding party ohhhh! 😥😥 OMG what a calamity and sorrow for her family. And to make the matter worse those hotel management are not good at all. Showing zero concern and remorse no emphaty at all.😥 May your soul rest in peace ohh. 😥😥

Omololoa Fagbemi: Oh Lord this makes me sick to my stomach the innocent lady just dead like that. They really need to sue that hotel and the two mumu watching her on camera and not making sure she doesn’t enter until the elevator comes back up.

Last Born: To think she had passed and then came back. Only God knows why that door to a bottomless pit was open sha. Na correct death trap be that nau. Fear catch me the day I saw this video. My mind was just messing me up anyhow.
Her death could have been avoided if there had been sign to show it’s faulty

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Blessing Kadiri: Oh my God this is so sad may her soul rest in peace, I pray her family sues the hotel management for all they are worth! It won’t bring back the dead but it will atleast serve as a deterrent to other negligent hotel managements 😭

Vivian Anyalebechi: You see elevator, since my cousin sis had one horrible experience with it at the supermarket, I have never stepped on it, I prefer climbing the staircase with my legs cos that memory has refused to erase off my mind.
May the soul of the deceased rest in peace, Amen.

Oluchi Okeke: Lack of maintenance and negligence.they where supposed to put a caution sign at the entrance the moment the elevator malfunction and it took some minutes before the lady used it. Let her family sue the hotel management. May her soul rest in peace

Ezegbulem Okorie: From the camera, she planned making use of the staircase, before she suddenly retreated on seeing the opened faulty elevator door. 😭😭
What a cruel & painful death..
Let her loved ones be consoled & may her soul rest in peace.

Let us always be cautious & observe well before making use of some of these stress saving & electronics, electrical & mechanical gadgets.

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