WATCH VIDEO: Lady runs mad after reportedly sleeping overnight with a boy in Lagos

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An unidentified lady reportedly ‘ran mad’ in the Badagry area of Lagos state and caused serious pandemonium in the process.

According to a video which has gone viral on social media, the lady had slept overnight with a young man simply identified as Solution. The next morning, she started displaying signs of insanity.

It was gathered that the lady initially started acting erratically before she started shouting the name of her host.

Solution was subsequently apprehended and dragged to the police station.

See video below;

See comments and reactions:

Egiye Jideofor: How can you be moving out with a man and you claim not to know what he does for a living ?

Enyinaya Dominion: See ehn, in this life, we have to be prayerful, careful and spiritual,

What if this guy actually did nothing to this babe?
In our estate here two weeks ago, one Ukrainian woman visited a Ghanaian on normal Sunday vibes and to tell you the simplest truth, this Ghanaian guy is a very cool guy, he called me up to drink with them in his room around 17:12pm and I left his room around 19:45pm but lo and behold, the Ukrainian babe died the next day, but after all investigations by metro polis, my guy was not beaten or asked to pay any fine

Ezigbo Mmadu: I’m sure thy must have taken some concussion like hard drugs. You never can tell.
Because these days Nigeria youth and drugs are like pant and nyash.

Everything no be yahoo boys…

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Ajao Trisma: May God heal her. Lesson to the ladies of now a days. Make boredom no let them sleep guy house or issue of brokenness. Nothing comes easy

Felix Afolabi: And who told you guys dat d girl can not make an attempt to use d guy for money ritual? Ladies too dey hot this days too. No one can really tell what caused d sadden Madness.

Endurance Oveneri: Baby come to my house and pass the night nah cause this one so, what if that guy is innocent, what if d girl got attack by something during d night, what if that regular girl dat u are always inviting drop dead at ur house Shabi nah u kill am too?, times are evil and is important everyone play with caution, #peace

Felix Amadi: The reason why most guys are over protective on their girlfriends is because they know how cheap she is..with one ice cream and shawarma she fit open leg anyhow..

Goodluck Saint: Why tied the guy? 80% of Nigeria ladies go to evil native doctors for charms, what if her charm turns against her that moment?

Shiatia Mercy: Chai we ladies yaf suffered.
Any mad young girl now dey will” she was reportedly sleeping or drop by a man in a car”
So a young pelsin or lady cannot be mad in peace again?

Eve Isaac: Some guys want to buy Benz before the end of the year and they will go to any length for it it’s upto we ladies to be very very careful

Mazi Kingsley: What if she was meant to be mad this morning and the boy was just unfortunate to be the last guy on top of her?
What if she’s faking it to get to the guy?
What if it was the last guy/man she had intercourse with that did it and it manifested on this guys head?

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What if????

Mimi Isua: No be only sugar daddy we go dey fear now even the young guys too don join God wat have we done to deserve all dis in dis country.

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