WATCH VIDEO: Lady who Reno Omokri dragged after she requested to see him in person, speaks


Nigerian lady, Elegant, who was dragged by popular lawyer, Reno Omokri after she requested to see him in person has cleared the air concerning the incident.

Elegant had earlier requested to meet Reno Omokri in person, and the activist, in his response, dragged her noting that he doesn’t want to meet her.

He further said that this administration has used beautiful and endowed women to pull him down but he will never fall for it.

Elegant has however, made a video to counter his belief. She said she only requested to meet him because she loves his writeups and she loves the way he reasons.

She added that she has forgiven him and she still loves him, adding that Jesus loves him more.

“I have forgiven you. Even for dragging me, I still love you, but Jesus love you the most”, she said.

Watch video below;

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Benediction Don Mayor: The fear of an obsessed woman is the beginning of all wisdom. He said he doesn’t wanna see you. He’s married and respects his marriage yet you shamelessly said you still love him. I thought you girls always say that it’s married men that are always forcing you to be their babes. Well, the world has heard and seen you.

Nkesi Woga Chuku: Leave this faithful hubby alone ooooh. He doesn’t want you or anyone else, he loves and respects his wife. To have/keep side chick abi chicken is not by force.

Umoh Rex: The lady should go and sleep…why should you want to see someone who is not interested in seeing you?I hope the lady knows the wife is reading all these

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MO Jackson: I like this woman ‘s courage jor but please channel tht courage towards an unmarried man who would reciprocate …because if him wife enter now,e go become another GBAS GBOS which would be deadly o

Ejije Obumneke: I beg you to stop complaining and over thinking on what you may be going through now. The truth is that it is making you stronger. Rather in prayers and thanksgiving offer them to God. God can locate you even in your darkest moments.🙏🙏🙏🙏

WATCH VIDEO: Lady who Reno Omokri dragged after she requested to see him in person, speaks
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