WATCH VIDEO: Man caught inside a public bus, sticking his phone camera under the chair to record lady’s legs


A man has sparked outrage on social media after he was caught on camera, taking a video of a lady who sat behind him.

In the viral video, the man who rocked a red shirt and a face mask, was seen bringing out his phone to snap the legs of lady who sat behind him.

Another passenger who was in the bus noticed his action and recorded the act, and the video has been trending on social media.

While some Nigerians blamed the person recording for not raising an alarm about the incident, others are bashing the culprit for carrying out such an act in public.

Watch the video below;


See comments and reactions

Ndudi Emmanuel: This guy deserves mob action, I mean thorough beating. This is stupidity and madness joined together nonsense.

Amaka Rose: It happens everywhere even Okada man will carry you and keeping bumping up nd down u will even be tired of adjusting just so ur breast won’t touch his back🙄🙄men who do una

Joel Redebe: God forgive me. I used to do this with my guys in secondary sch, we were even more advanced than this, we’d position a small mirror under our desk facing directly to legs of the 3 girls behind us. It was like plasma TV.

Harrison Ossy: Now after recording and saving the video will he use the video to secure a job and live a better life. Maybe he is looking for Onions and Suya

April Love: That was how 1 man was touching my breast in a car all in the name he was not sitting well I told him not to try it again if not he will pay for the touching every 1 was laughing

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Jerry Obinna: Notin wey person no go see o. Na so a guy was beaten to a pulp for toucing a guy’s prick inside bus. Say e de sweet am

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