WATCH VIDEO: Man cries out for help while trapped in sealed manhole in Lagos.


A video making rounds on social media showed a man trapped in a sealed manhole in Bode Thomas area of Surulere, Lagos.

According to the eyewitness that shared the video, he said the man was heard crying out for help from inside the manhole. The man’s voice was faint, however people still heard him and gathered at the spot.

The crowd tried to rescue the man from the manhole but it wasn’t possible because it has been sealed for a long time.

The eyewitness stated that they tried to interrogate the man to know how he got trapped but to no avail. It is still unclear how how he got into the manhole, however the police are already involved in the case.

Watch the video below,

See comments and reactions

Iwuoha Ndidi: Instead of rescuing him people are busy videoing him,
Maybe he missed his steps and fall inside gutter during rain,
If another heavy rain starts now, erosion carry him to another destination, Lagos lookers

Glory Achiever: I think he’s a wizard that got trapped during one of his midnight tour looking for who to destroy. Thank you Jesus for arresting him. To you alone be all the glory. Pls someone should direct him to MFM for proper deliverance.

Mhizta Peter: Who knows if his one of those drunkards I normally see falling anyhow in the gutter around Oshodi side… God has saved him he didn’t die after been carried away by erosion. If only he will repent after this better for him

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Esther Lalah: What took him there in the first place?

That’s how a man buried money underground without letting anyone know, he’s the only one who had access to the money cause he has the key.
The day God wanted to arrest him,he went inside to bury more money, that’s how he got stuck and couldn’t come out since he has misplaced the key.
He eventually died.

Juliet Sunday: Am sure he must have fallen into a gutter during heavy rain pure that pushed him there☹️, they should save him abeg

Dalam Zee: They can’t help him says who? They should call people that do iron doors na ,nawa for this country oo camera has taken over everything instead of helping him they are busy saying use a clear camera shuu

Blessing Nath: Flood or erosion could have made this possible
Instead of finding a way to break up, they’re concerned on videoing and asking the man
God have mercy ooo

Adejere Nathan: “It was impossible” keh? A living man is stuck mysteriously in there and he needs help and they are saying it’s impossible. Nigeria sef? When in advanced countries he won’t spend 30 mins more there as all manner of equipments will be used to break open that place they are already saying Its impossible. They better throw him a blanket there and kukuma cement the place and make it his grave yard lol. This country is funny.

Anthonia Moses: Nonsense they should kukuma do wake keep and cement the place na so it will be his grave. How can u see someone trapped and u say it Impossible to rescue the person? After buhari will compare fuel price with other country. Come compare this one, other countries just give them 10 mins and the man will be rescued

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Adedoyin Adeola: They sealed that place overnight on Saturday. I was told that they use to steal the former iron that was placed the government so they decided to seal it permanently with a better iron because it use to cause accident in the night when the iron is removed. So the person said maybe when he had stolen the iron, he jumped inside the hole to avoid been caught thinking he would still be able to come out but his instinct failed him. But who knows maybe he was drunk when he fell inside there and slept off 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

WATCH VIDEO: Man cries out for help while trapped in sealed manhole in Lagos.
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