WATCH VIDEO: “My wife slaps me and treats me like a slave, the torture is too much” – Man set to leave his wife after years of torture.


A married man who alleged that his wife has been torturing and maltreating him in the house has finally summoned courage to leave.

According to him, his wife has always been torturing him and treating him like a slave, because of his “status”.

He narrated how she lashes out at him, at the slightest provocation, beats him up, and tortures him. He said he does the dishes, and other home chores, because she always threatens to implicate him.

On this particular day, after she unleashed her wrath on him again, he called the police on her, and she also called the police.

The police found out she lied against him, and advised him to pack out and leave the house.

Watch the video below;


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Precious Preshy: Marriage is not built on bed of roses! U two must make it work! more especially u! Be prayerful and try to tolerate many things! be patient with her and love and respect her! (That’s the advise women always receive). now I put it to u sir that u can do it! don’t let the devil tear ur home apart!

Guys pls don’t come for me, I no well, na sisterly advise naim I dey give am. Bcoz e be like say naim be the wife y the wife be him husband for him to say this. Make una no vex o.

Faith Joyce: Me I no of a woman that asks the husband to kneel down and raise up his two hands each time he comes home late, is not funny at all but that’s the result of marrying wrongly

Joey Bosham: When a man complains abt domestic violence people find it funny but when it’s d other way round… people show empathy….

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Beatrice Emori: It’s very painful to see and read this 😭😭😭
Why some husbands beat up their wife, some wife also act like the man and beat up their husbands too,life no balance

Mmesoma Chukwu: I am ur father and u will not stay in my huz and bring shame to me, go back to your wife and children, and don’t forget to pray for your wife she will still change.

Habeebah Adoke: its either she uses black magic on him or he isn’t a real man. This happens in few homes compared to women

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