WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian government official attacked by angry Nigerians in Austria



Nigerians living in Austria attacked the Nigerian ambassador to Austria, in the capital city, Vienna and it had to take intervention of the Austrian police to quell the angry Nigerian mob.

The attack on the Nigerian ambassador comes as reprisal attacks continue on government officials and properties following the shootings of Nigerian #EndSARS protesters.

The video shows Nigerians in Vienna who were protesting for the end to police brutality, attacking the man who was then saved by the police.

The Nigerian embassy to Austria is yet to officially speak on the attack.

Watch the video below….

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Ada Benjamin: They should remain small for us, and bring the remaining one back to us here in Nigeria. Let’s finish it up here. We die here together no hiding place for those criminals. As for those prisoners that escaped, mid-term break done finish Obaseki say make una return today ooo or else 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️

Mustapha Sherifat: They should come back here and fix everything, they’ve spoil else they won’t no peace. There is no hidden place for the wicked. Enough is enough.

Engr Harold : Special announcement please: If you’re a Nigerian resident in overseas; whether you have a dual citizenship or not, whatever part of the country you are in the world, please you will have to help Nigeria by exposing her evil and corrupt leaders; both present & past including their families. They can’t destroy Nigeria by looting her and running to foreign countries to hide and enjoy their loots while Nigerians suffer in hardship and torments. Please even if you can’t join in beating them Up & disgracing them over there, just release information about their hiding places to Nigerians nearest to you. Thank you

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God’stime GT. Owin: No peace for all of Dem to d least position in Nigeria d councilor local government chairman Dere will b no rescue place from Dem #end sars

Ajiri Maduku: Nigeria youths abroad please continue attacking them so they can remain in their own country.

Oluwasegun James: Please when they are done they should transfer them to us we will be waiting at the airport

Make we continue from where una stop😐

Gift Osagie: So we are the only ones that can suffer in this country abi? Let them keep attacking you evil politicians that think you can run away at the slightest thing… nonsense 🚶🚶

WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian government official attacked by angry Nigerians in Austria
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