WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian mother and her children dress to hold church service at home; collects offering

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It was not the usual Sunday for most Nigerians Christians today as a lot of churches didn’t hold their regular Sunday service due to the directive given by the government against the spread of Corona Virus.

However, members of some churches were able to connect to sermons via their Church’s online platforms or radio, podcasts et al. The only thing is there wouldn’t have been the usual vibe of the sonorous choristers and the joyful noise made by instrumentalists during praise and worship.

As it is, a lot of Christians had no choice but stay at home and worship from their living rooms or wherever they deemed fit. But in the case of this Nigerian mother, she made good sure that her and her household went on about their Sunday service like business as usual.

One of her children, a legal practitioner took to her Twitter page to share how her mother made each of her children dress up for Sunday service and in course of the session, even collected offerings from them.

The video shows a number of people in what looks like a living room and what’s even surprising, is they looked like they were practicing social distancing, during the service.

The lady @Rach_eye on Twitter shared the video, writing,

My mum made us dress up for church today, by 8am everyone was in the sitting room, there was even offering she said she will drop the offering at the alter when everything is over talk about mum of the year

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Watch the video below;

See comments and reactions:

Jim Smith: She must be one of those pastors wife.. She wants to use her children as an example to deceive the church members 🙈 nothing is more funny than a pastor paying tithe in a church.. The money that will still come back to the account 🤸‍♂️

Makky Kingsley: I know of a family that collect offering after prayers, they send the offering to an orphanage home @ d end of the month.

David Iyaye: So lovely. I did go to church but the way they positioned us eh, 5m apart and u must wash ur hands with water and sanitizers before entering the church premises.

Ifeanyi Paul: Is only church building was lockdown not me all my household.we did the same thing and we continue the end

Ogolo Oby Faith: Nothing is absolutely wrong with it. That is one of the wonderful things to do. Church is just a building

Rachel Zagi: And DAT was happened in my house also,everybody brought a passage and we all discussed about it,we collected offering at d end,it was so awesome.

Kween Anthony: This is something I can do when I become a mother! I will collect offering and use it to drink one bottle! With suya 🙄🥴

Godswill Godswill: Nigerians and drama, we can act for the universe. Anyways, happy sit-at-home Sunday and pastoral service to her and the family as a whole

Ngameforo Chidi: Family is the first church,where two or more are gathered in my name,I am with them,the apostles were few then, celebrate Jesus in your family

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Onyinkoro Miracle: And did kids where crying dt dey wnt to go to church, dey won’t let me rest, I ve to bath dem bring out dey church clothes we all dressed up sat down in d parlour told dem we should start singing n praying before d keke man will come was reading d bible for dem n dey slept off one after d other 😂😂😂😂 I can’t kill myself Biko inukwa church na dis CORO💁💁💁

Achgoods Daraa: Na so everyone go de do am and you will see that true love will come back to the LAND!! No be all these business centres called churches causing hatred and confusion everywhere.

Thomas Ikechi Cyndi: My Africa mothers are just full of surprises….
Look at this one now😂😂
They even observed distancing method

Sammy king: About the offering thing, is nothing but teaching children how to give even when they grow up. Not necessarily church but anyone who is in need. A giver, it starts at home.

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