WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian mother disgraces daughter after catching her in a hotel room with a man


A video which has gone viral on social media, captured moment a Nigerian mother disgraced her daughter after catching her in a hotel room with a man.

The angry mother who spoke Yoruba, was seen dragging her daughter out of the facility while hitting her intermittently. The video also shows people gathering and trying to know what happened and stop the mother from beating her.

She then walked away with the girl.

Where the incident occurred is still unclear at the time of filing this report.

Watch the video below;

Read people’s comments and reactions

George Atah: Good mama, some mothers will applaud their daughters once they see or hear their daughter drove in a car with a man to a hotel.. We have completely lose our values as human beings especially in Nigeria.. God bless this woman who still have some atom of prestige in her. We pray ur daughter change and get a handwork instead of following men to hotels

Stella Maris: The tireless efforts you put in place to discipline your child goes a very long way. Forget the fact that some children grow up to be something entirely different from how he or she was trained. The fact remains that 50% children grow up to be wayward based on poor upbringing , 30% inherit it from their parents(keep living a wayward life, one of your children must inherit it even after repentance, you can’t cheat nature except by the grace of God), 20% from the environment or peer group.
Most parents are very loosed when it comes to the manner they discipline their children.By 8-9pm a mother can’t tell way about of her children who lives with her. For a whole year or two, you have never stepped a foot in your child’s school let alone to meet with the class teacher and know the behaviour of your child towards his studies and among peers , you only pay fine for absenteeism during PTA meeting. You cook alone while your teenage girls are busy catching fun somewhere else just because you don’t want your husband to complain the food has a bad taste, so all they do is to wash dishes. Because you run a restaurant or beer parlor, you are not sensitive about her closeness with your customers..

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Skipper Anthony: Discipline her at home not in public cause this is totally wrong…. at list she should have allow the girl to dress up first before dragging her out of the hotel room in that disgraceful manner. After all, she didn’t catch her in an uncompleted building…. 🤨😷

Victoria Adisa: God bless the mum. This will instill fear in the girl’s heart, and for those guys who are aiming to sleep with her or take her to hotel will know their lane. They will be like I don’t want ur mum’s trouble o

Gom Ez: Too bad!we in different world..
You can’t treat your child/ daughter like the way they did to you in 1970s! Because of her attitude her daughter ain’t willing to bring the man home!

Nneka Wendy: That woman must be my mom’s sister perhaps from another mother, those species will not just disgrace you in the hotel alone, both on the streets, church, in the presence of friends and even at home over one offence… God bless my mother and all good mothers out there

Tiwa Candie: B4 I can say anything oo,how old is the girl??
If she’s under age she needs beating and advice but never disgrace,never ever disgrace your daughter because it will bounce back and it won’t be easy to quench,but if she’s 18 and above,plsssssss,dey should leave her,if not for civilization, she should be in her husband’s house if she’s now fat omo,na grandma she suppose be,let’s not deceive ourselves,if she’s 18 and above,I can’t hold her not to because she has a right to,Dis world is beyond all these things our parents are doing o,just because they beat ad disgrace her now doesn’t mean she won’t go back,our parents wanna use that kind of manner they were thought with to handle us,Dis is my question
“Was there internet and mobile phones,television when dey were young like us??,she’s even supposed to bring the boy home because bringing him home will make dem conscious of what to do and what not do,pls disgracing isnt d answer,pls Dis is my own opinion oooo

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Phoebe Ukandu: It’s proper to discipline children even those above 20. If adults ignore their parental training it may lead to life of regrets due to erroneous course. Genesis chapter 34. Proverbs chapter 23 verses 12 to 14.

Muhammed Ishaq: Sorry ma’am, imagine how devastated she will be right now… What the hell is happening to this generation of ours.? May we not give birth to what we don’t know.. Almighty bless every genuine mother out there and give us sense to make them proud. It’s so sad.. Ma’am, I advise you keep talking and praying… Beating and disgracing her won’t solve the problem. Always counsel her, be a listening ear and be a friend and also lead by example. Sad😒

Victoria Francis: While growing up,my dad will tell you,anywhere you want your disgrace,an ready to give you,in the market oh…street oh….you dare not sit close to them in church cos they will become your monitoring agent🤩🤩🤩but it’s well with me today.

Blessing Ihotu: She’s a good mother. When I stay with my mom she always protect me. Just use #10 and buy sugar she will ask u who give you that money.Every good mother is like That until you marry and leave they house if not they can beat u no matter how old you are

Mukosolu Nnamdi: Maybe she’s an underage girl, she get luck say na beating the mama beat am, if to say na my papa both me and the man will find ourselves in the nearest police station….make I hear say I no go spend like 3 days for cell with beta torture…🚶🚶

WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian mother disgraces daughter after catching her in a hotel room with a man
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