WATCH VIDEO: Nollywood Actor, Jnr Pope Gifts A Physically Challenged Man By A New Wheelchair


Award-winning Nollywood actor and brand influencer, Jnr Pope has put smile on the face of a physically challenged man and his family by gifting him a brand new wheelchair.

The man who could only crawl as a form of movement was left stunned as he could not get the right words to say when they received the kind gesture from the thespian.

In the video he shared on the gram, he could be seen helping the crippled man into his wheelchair which will now ease his pain for the rest of his life.

He captioned the video ;

True Act Of Kindness, I Could Feel The Young Man’s Joy And The

Giver ……..LOVE CONQUERS Prayers Up For The Giver Before You Sleep……..

Watch video below:

See comments and reactions

Okoronu Wisdom: See the happiness in him.. Father lord I pray you bless him more for putting this smile on the face of this young man. Amen 🙏🙏

Benjamin Benevolent Benalisa: I see humanity playing its role here.
He just erased the pain of this disable man who have to hit his body on the ground crawling all these while..
It will go a long way in his heart and the good feelings will never be erase anytime soon
May God bless the giver.

Adaora Ezemmaduka: For those asking why he posted on Internet !!!!!!

why was the miracles of Christ recorded ??
Who told you Christ healed the sick ?
How did you know Christ performed miracles if it wasn’t recorded ? …
It was recorded because of the moral lessons…
Showing on Internet ,can also motivate others to help in the little way they can…
Don’t be stereotyped to think everyone is Cynical

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Mary Modesty: Actually , we are blessed to bless others … And honestly , you will have a kind of inner joy when you do things like this , and you will feel fulfilled ..

Horlar Horlar: That is the news we should be hearing ñot SARS killed or armed robbers.

God bless the giver and the receiver will be healed.

Gloria Uchegbu: Yes,he must tell the world
Cause tomorrow the same people that are saying he should keep his camera at home will be the ones that will drag him and ask “What has he done for anybody” or say “that one makes audio promises”
Now that you people have seen the good thing that he did,instead of commending him you people are busy condemning…nawa

Nelo Josie: Just a singular act of kindness and the whole world will know.
Any good thing they do, they would snap pictures. That’s how one politician in my area won’t allow us to rest. If he shares a bag of beans to the hausas in my area, he would take pictures as if that’s all there is to it. I tire o


WATCH VIDEO: Nollywood Actor, Jnr Pope Gifts A Physically Challenged Man By A New Wheelchair
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