WATCH VIDEO: Nurse who stole a new born baby caught while trying to sneak out of the hospital

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Nurse accused of stealing baby after she was caught with a newborn outside the hospital premises (video)

A nurse was caught carrying a newborn baby boy far from the hospital where she works and she was confronted by passersby who accused her of stealing the baby.

The nurse was seen standing by the side of the road, carrying a newborn baby boy with the placenta still intact. She claimed she was waiting for the woman who owns the baby.

However, bystanders didn’t believe her. They asked her to call the woman who gave birth to the baby on the phone, adding that they will not let her go until they see the woman she claims is the baby’s mother.

The spectators told her she stole the baby from the hospital and wants to sell it. But she insisted that she didn’t.

The man filming is heard saying that the nurse has no right to take a newborn baby out of the hospital compound and the only explanation for the nurse’s action is that she plans to sell the child.

When interrogated, the nurse said she works at Mother of Mercy Hospital & Maternity Okpoko.

Eyewitnesses claim she was on her way to sell the baby at Upper Iweka by Owerri Road in Onitsha.

Eyewitnesses warned that parents of newborns should be extra vigilant to avoid a situation whereby they are told that their baby has died, whereas the baby was stolen to be sold to a child trafficking ring.

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Watch the video below:

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Amarachi Favour: There are good nurses and there are wicked nurses and God will judge all these wicked nurses, even the ones that exchange babies, always make sure you have your husband or a trusted family member with you in the labour room, because things are happening these days.

Marywealth Osagie: Where was she going with the baby na? Na wa. The kind of things that happen in postnatal ehn, nurses will give u baby that is not your own by the time the dna result shows negative the woman will be accused of adultery.
God help women. 🙏

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Walshak Kos-Trouble: That is why when my wife want to give birth, I will make sure I watch that room very well, even if them no allow me enter, I will ask Amadioha to watch the room for me because some nurses are wicked, they can exchange your child

Bola Adelapo: Honestly this is what most quacks nurses and Dr are doing these days to elevate themselves ,There are so many Babies factory and feign pregnancy nowadays,May good lord help us in this country ours oo

Ewelu Chiemezie: That’s totally unprofessional and against medical ethics by this evil nurse. They should make sure she reveal her partners in crime. I believe that not only her is into this dirty game in that hospital. Proper investigation should be carryout in that hospital. Nurse Elisa.

Sina Decency: I just read the story now, this thing happened in the ghetto part of Onitsha called okpoko I know the place very well where . All the bad things in Onitsha originated from there, is obvious she was going to sell the baby before she was caught. So my own honest opinion in this case is both the nurse and the buyer of the baby should be jailed for life. So others will learn from this. And for pregnant women please and please on the day of ur delivery make sure ur husband or ur mother is inside the delivery room with you cuz things are really happening. Tufiakwa

Mary Okafor: All this nurses that are here trying to protect their profession, no body is dragging it with u ppl weda the nurse has licence or not it does not matter… There is always a bad egg everywia…. Both the auxillary and certified ones can do worst than this.. Its all about personality.. Some ppl are greedy.

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Mason Kelly: Nemesis.. This is business of some nurses and doctors to make big money for themselves.. Many days for the thief one day for the owner, if the law find her guilty she we face prosecution

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