WATCH VIDEO: ‘Save the people’ – Aisha Buhari Expresses In A Song To President Buhari.




The first lady, Aisha Buhari has called on her husband, the president of Nigeria to heed to the call of the bloodshed and suffering of citizens.

This is coming following the movement against police brutality, EndSARs protest, that has been on for the last 10 days.

In support of the EndSARs movement, the first lady via her official Twitter page shared a video with a compilation of photos of President Buhari in a meeting with all the service chiefs, crowned with a hashtag #AChechijamaa which means ‘rescue the people.’

The background song used in the video is titled “Arewa na Kuka’ which means ‘the North weeps,” a song by Kannywood actor Adam Zango.

A loose translation to the song is, “In the name of God, pay attention/We seek your help/The North is weeping/ Our blood is being shed/Our people are being killed/Our property torched.”

Watch the video below

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Adia Ann: I don’t even know why this old men for government nor dey quick die but make dem nor worry ,we go give them heart attack and cardiac arrest wen go make dem die quick…stupid leaders , we see through their lies and deceit and we say no more….Buhari or Jubril your heart attack is coming , you wouldn’t be able to avoid this …

Princess Kate: It’s too late to save us

We are already saved…. Pls Aisha tell your husband and his cabinets to resign that’s what we are asking for…

You better use your brain!!!

Chidubem Emmanuel: This woman is insignificant!!
She doesn’t even matter..she talks just for talking sake
How much I miss mummy patience Jonathan!! That woman is really a mother

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Nasiru Adoke: You speak like a true with your people,buhari we know what you are capable of doing..we remember your military days the WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE(WAI)you had back can clean the system and leave a legacy nigerians will remember you for..if goodluck jonathan could do it then why not you.reform the police and take nigeria a notch highier than it beautiful first lady Aisha buhari thank you for lending your voice to our cries

Kah Jah: His wife doesn’t even have a voice. I hate how some Northerners belook women. Koda now. It has been wrong right from when he said she belonged to the kitchen

Kaybill Demeking: hey mummy if u really mean it like you want bubu to hear us no give him kpekus again start to sleep with a boomshot this alone will make him act fast i knew bubu like kpekus well well that man fit go 7 rough rugged rounds a night

Gambo Samuel: Anybody that is viewing this protest as planned to over throw Buhari I pray it should be that way. if I may ask what is even nice about his regime? we’re going to protest across the country up to a month to reach the foreign observer. And for the operation crocodile smile every protester should get him/herself a Nigeria flag we’ll see if Nigeria army a so much corrupt to shot a citizen with the country flag. Thank Mrs Aisha for voicing it loud, we don too much die for North wallai.

WATCH VIDEO: ‘Save the people’ – Aisha Buhari Expresses In A Song To President Buhari.
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