WATCH VIDEO: Soldier cuts man’s hair with scissors after allegedly extorting money from him.


A video making the rounds on social media has captured the moment a Nigerian soldier used scissors to cut a man’s hair in Peere, Ibadan.

Reports gathered that the soldier allegedly harrassed and extorted money from him, before he picked up a scissors to cut his hair.

In the video which is currently going viral, the young man was seen sitting on the bare floor, as the soldier grabbed a scissors to cut off his hair.

The video has sparked outrage on social media with most Nigerians condemning the act, especially after the series of protests against brutality and harassment.

Watch the video below;

See comments and reactions

End Sars: That’s uncalled for! You don’t have to tell anyone how to dress, Nigeria has no hair style code nor dressing code, this men on uniform are just being foolish. They see their selves as demi god.
Looking good in Nigeria is now a sin.

Olawale Abimbola: If Soldiers are not Careful,the Next Protest will be #ENDSOLDIERS# bcos their own too is Getting out of Hand and we’ll still not forget to Add #ENDBUHARI# too until he leaves that AsoRock.

Kc Evans: But their mates all the way from the US came to Nigeria and carried out a successful operation to save their person held hostage. Ours are only good at brutalising civilians

Chisom Amarah: If they have mind, they should drop their weapons and face them man to man. Soldiers are already spoiling their names and they expect us to respect them. Very lazy people that can’t face terrorist and bandits but have strength to face an unarmed civilian. This country don tire me aswear, how much is night bus to Canada 😭😭😭?

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Christie Uma: The army has forgotten their roles in this country to protect our country both internal and external not to descend so low to infringe on the rights of the citizens. That shows how you lack basic training. Is this govt for the people by the people or govt in disguise to unleash military regime on the people. The army should get serious and emulate the US army how they quietly entered Nig. and rescued their citizen and killed all the captors. Pls get more serious.

Obetta Cyril: It’s a normal thing in along Enugu Benue fed road they will even stop a transit buss and ask passenger with long hairstyle to come down they will cut your hair and you will pay them 500 naira , last Christmas my friend whose hair was cut called and I hard to cut my hair before traveling , when we got there it wasn’t easy for some guys because the soldiers were not smiling and they said they are anti cult forces . In my own country I have become playing toil to security forces in my own country 🙄😢

Tina Hosanna: That’s why they are trying to regulate social media by all means, to prevent all these their rubbish act.
Yeye people I know why God bring me come this part of the world, if him know say other countries no get vacancy for me, e 4 wait for vacancy now I for I dey another country inside life

WATCH VIDEO: Soldier cuts man’s hair with scissors after allegedly extorting money from him.
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