WATCH VIDEO: Soldier Goes ‘Gaga’ After Allegedly Taking Colorado.


A video which recently surfaced the internet shows a soldier exhibiting erratic behaviors after allegedly taking Colorado.

In the viral video, the soldier could be seen rolling on the ground and acting in an uncontrollabe manner, as eye witnesses tried to calm the situation.

An eye witness who made the video was heard saying that the soldier took Colorado. He also suggested that they give him water to reduce the effect of what he took.

Reacting to the video, some fans shared their experiences, while some others condemned the soldier for getting involved in such act.

Watch the video below;

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

CyCy Tianah: Thank God he wasn’t with gun,If not the story would have been different.No wonder they handle we civilians like rags

Onuh Favour: After he leaves that place, the next innocent man in the street is his target of maltreatment. Don’t worry all this will change soon. It’s my honest pray.

Gideon Uchechukwu: This was what they took before going for peace keeping mission at lekki tollgate.🙄
We will never forget 😥

Max Everest Walter: And when he come back from Gaga , every civilian he see becomes a suspect

The drug wey fit care this country never dey market

Emmanuel Ibe: These are those who are meant to protect lives and properties of defenceless citizens.

Ekene Igwe: They should collect any weapon he is having… Every human are now looking like animal to him… Thank you.

Oswald Osadebay: Like I said before the weed kicked in his PTSD if u watch the video well u will hear him say things like don’t come close to me and other things he is more or less reliving his worst memories

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