Watch video: Tacha fumes “I’m not going to reply those saying I’m ungrateful because they are not worth it”

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Big Brother Naija housemate, Natacha Akide, otherwise known as Symply Tacha has dropped a message for her co-entertainers who have been accusing her of being ungrateful in spite of all their efforts.

The reality show star in an Insta-live session with her fans, stated that she won’t be replying those calling her out because they are not worth it.

The reality star added that she should get paid for the publicity she will be giving such individuals with her response.

She further directed those calling her out on social media to seek the attention they want elsewhere.

See video below ;

See comments and reactions:

Marvin Alachi Mark: You are too proud of yourself that is why you lost your position in BB9ja you suppose to show appreciation to those who helped you from the beginning but I know your arrogance won’t let you to do that God knows more than we know ourselves he knows that if you get that position you won’t utilize it well so keep on with your bragging life we shall see where it will land you.

Tina Olulu: You’re already replying them by making this video. Maybe you don’t just know the real meaning of ‘snub’

Mmeje Onyeka: She just replied but she no know
Tacha and intelligent are like parallel lines the can never meet 🙄🙄🙄

Aguwa Chi: Y’all stop judging her
Let’s wait
Till she show us what those folks did to her
Especially jaaruma
May be they wanted to use her .
Y’all grow up .
This industry a lot going on.

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Omoreghe Nita: You were almost doing it oh,untill your village people made you do this video,chai sense eh,sense is really important oh.

Chidera Uguanyi: Because you are ungrateful that’s why you will not reply. Shame on you pride all over. 😒😒😒

Eye Jay Noel: Mercy so mature and classy, she hasn’t even uttered a word to those saying she is ungrateful.

Mike Nnamdi: And u just replied them by saying what u just said now…”am not going to replay those saying am ungrateful cos they don’t worth it”….

Common sense isn’t common for some people after all

Mma Nwoko: Yes my love.there pained an confused how you get to this stage .the witches an witchcraft never expected you will get here.if men were God! Aru akaeme .but Glory to God for his mercies.his mercies endioureth forever .more blessing I wish you dear.let them bark an crawl back to their coven.God gat your back omalicham

Vera Obasi: Sister agreed that she’s not going to b grateful to them but her fans will not let somebody rest saying she is grateful upanda

Henrietta Gift: Tacha do u think being on top is always forever….. Gratitude pays and has a way of opening more doors, people gat u there but ur ungrateful attitude sent you out. But still u can’t learnt one bit of lesson, pride only drives the car but doesn’t know the direction so calm down. Even my dog “Doniella” knows wat is gratitude, please learn from her… Don’t allow pride brings you down because it will be very hard for you to smell the top again, remember u didn’t get there on your own so many helped you get there. Be sure u are not coming down from that top if not ur name will be pity.

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Jennylove Rek: No No No baby girl, i always support you but for this one, i will say NO….. Angela supported you so much with her platform when you where still in the BBN…. I will advice you to put this video down and apologize 🤔🤔😳😢

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