WATCH VIDEO: Throwback video of wedding reception between Maryam Sanda and her late husband

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Indeed marriage is not all about luxurious weddings and beautiful portraits.

Yesterday, the media was sent into a frenzy after a court judgement was passed on Maryam Sanda, who fatally stabbed her Husband in 2017 after an argument. Maryam was sentenced to die by hanging.

Nigerians on social media, including celebrities have since reacted to the judgement, calling it tragic for both parties as two lives would be lost in what could have been very preventable.

Reports on social media also suggest that Maryam and her late husband were once a very happy couple and no one would have believed they had marital crisis.

Well, Yabaleftonline has retrieved a video via a Youtube channel, which corroborates the aforementioned sentence.

Here’s a throwback video of Maryam Sanda and her late husband, during their wedding reception.

See video

See comments and reactions:

Abiodun Akinde: What if she never want to kill im
Wat if it ws jst a mistake
9ja lawmakers re trash
Dy turn dos innocent kids to orhan
Everyone deserve a 2nd chance
Our so called friends,lawmakers,politician re all inhuman

Prince Ebukason: When you are married to your friend! Marriage becomes a beautiful thing. When love ends, friendship continues.

Just pray and get the right partner, don’t just fall in love with foolish people

Prosper Clinton: You can’t judge a marriage by its wedding… This is an eye opener for every young one. Love alone DOES NOT and CANNOT keep a relationship or marriage, bcos there are natural storms associated with marriage that love after cannot withstand. These are the pillars I think can hold a relationship or marriage.

  1. LOVE(yes but will fade with time)
  2. FRIENDSHIP(main pillar cos it seeks the good of the other without expecting in return).
  3. UNDERSTANDING (It gives you insight and tune you to adjust to the flaws and good parts of anyone)
  4. COMMUNICATION (body language and spoken words dat makes u know the mind of each other wether wrong or right).
    But the most important pillar that holds marriage is FRIENDSHIP and UNDERSTANDING.
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My opinion

Isoken Monday: I feel for the child left behind
How will the child feel growing up to learn about what happened to the parents. It’s really disheartening.

Immaculate Chidinma: Indeed marriage is not all about luxurious weddings and beautiful portraits.

It requires tolerance, endurance ,Patience and understanding.

Sweetheart when none of this is there again.

Walk out alive

It is better to be alive and divorced than dead in the process of trying to make it work.

May God give anyone passing some challenges in marriage the grace to be victorious

And to those yet to be married,marry your best friend ,forget riches,all we need is peace of mind.

Blossom Opuana: That’s y it’s advisable for every Couples to go for Deliverance before Marriage, Marriage itself is a Very Big School. Look before you Leap, Know your Partner very well, Observe Certain things ask question abt Family Background..Pray Ceaselessly

Vicky Amah: She shouldn’t have overreacted because she too collected him from someone else too so same way the other lady felt did she know and went ahead married him and still killed someone you claim you love to the extent her brother came to remove evidence… The friend of the deceased should be blame as soon as he saw the atmosphere the best thing would have him take him away from the house for the tension to cool down because he witnessed how the lady reacted and was breaking things….because of the children death shouldn’t be her punishment sentencing her to some year would have been fair
May the soul of the man continue to rest on


Uloma Chukwu: So after this death sentence yesterday, a man shot his wife in Abia state and the youths sentenced him to Death that same yesterday😔😔

Martha Okpeke: Now she killed a man she called husband all because of a text message she saw on the phone and now she is about to die by hanging
What’s the world turning into?
What’s happening to humanity?
Where did Love go?

Ayeni Adebusola: No woman would want to share her man with another woman…dats just d fact, wen u truly love ur man …u can do anything to protect him but most men don’t just deserve dis love and wen u notice dat he’s a fool and he doesn’t deserve ur love at all…den walk away instead of killing him or killing urself over a Man who don’t want to be kept 💯! U re another man’s prayer request for every lady dats feeling unwanted and heartbroken!!!

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