WATCH VIDEO: Watch moment pastor ate eba and soup in church and gave members his fingers to lick to receive blessings.


A video making the rounds on social media shows the moment a pastor ate during a service and called on members to lick his fingers.

The clergy man could be seen in the video, eating eba and soup as church members came to the alter one after the other to lick his fingers.

In the viral video, a lady was also spotted holding the water basin which he used to wash his hands, whild another man held the bowl of eba.

According to the Twitter user who shared the video, the pastor was allegedly taking such action to ensure that bountiful blessings fall upon each member of the congregation.

Watch the video below:

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Promise Titan: End time pastor….

And someone with his right senses obey to this rubbish he is doing in the Name of God sent me……

Some of this pastor no be God call dem…Na dem call God.

Asa Vin: I v said it that we don’t v to blame this pastors, some people can waka for Africa. They r too lazy to pray! Sharp sharp miracle.. Anywhere dem here kpololom(music sound) they must enter😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

John Imade: And those useless members did it, and to d pastor dat is d hight of wickedness, God is watching all evil doers

Angela Ose: This member are they human beings or stone I don’t understand, imagine a pastor asking me to lick his fingers not in this life oooo

Sonia Dennis: Everything I need to know about God or to handle things around me is in my Bible i dont need any man to deceive me again ooooo

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Sulleiman Musah: At least he didn’t bath in barrel and then allow his members to drink his after bath water.
Happened here in Ghana and its about time these stupid acts are dealt with.
Well, nothing special can be done to deal with this situation since the members themselves are apparently unreasonably attached to nonsense like this.
Issues on religion are really sensitive, especially in Africa. the moment you condemn a religious act, you turn Satan be that .

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