WATCH VIDEO: Wife Beats Up Her Cheating Husband, Ignores Side Chick

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There’s a popular quote which says ”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and that has been proven in a recent shocking video making the rounds on social media.

The video captured the moment the woman caught her husband having lunch with his side chick at a restaurant.

The woman got angry when her husband asked her to ‘keep calm’ and she landed serious slaps on his face. She asked him how he would have the guts to take a lady out while she is still alive.

She also emptied the plate of soup which he bought from the restaurant on her husband and asked him to meet her at home as she dashed out of the restaurant.

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Demon Great: I can tell you this woman doesn’t give her husband peace at home. See how she slapped him with audacity. The woman is the reason this man wants to be happy with a sidechick if the story is true.

Johnson James: The wife overreacted, for the fact that she found him eating with a lady doesn’t mean she’s his side chick, she might be a business partner, or even a childhood friend…

Nevertheless, the wife overreacted by slapping him… Nobody has any right to cause physical or emotional pain yo their partner. If marriage tire u, waka comot so as to have peace of my mind

Fidelis Ofre: I don’t pray for a bad woman oo. But the day my wife will dare talk to me insultively in public she goes back to her parent that day….but for women,if your man is not cheating on you ,you should be ashamed of him because is a local champion that only you admires

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Chris John: Had it be the lady attacked the side chick in this video, you all will start complaining, now she attacked the source of her problem, we’re blaming her still…
Tell me how many ladies that wouldn’t have drag that side chick on the floor.. that lady is too civil, she’s wise…

Muhammad Ishaq: I’m not supporting what the man did… but it’s wrong she raised her hand on him. Very wrong. It’s assault, and she can actually go to jail for that. I don’t pity her if she goes to jail… If the guy decides to fight her back in self defence, we won’t hear word again. Rubbish 😩

Ebere Nkiru: Very pathetic, Women take it easy o! Husband is a man not God! He can’t be perfect! But then do u even know if is his biz partner? JESUS!

Moses Jackson: However una like to see am,however wrong I might be no woman I’m dating or married to would have gut to slap me without taking multiple of that slap as long as I would never use such means on her when she’s wrong…

King Romanus: Faithful Men like me are rare I am the last of my Kind… I told my fiancee ” as long as other girls got nothing different from kpekus, There’s no reason to cheat ” when love takes over, you are always blind to all these shameless flying slay demons… It hurts so bad keeping yourself for somebody but that person can never do same…. Say no to Cheating.

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