WATCH VIDEO: Young boy in tears as he drags mother for refusing to pay back the money he gave her.


A video making the rounds on social media has captured the moment a young boy accosted his mom to pay back the money he gave to her.

However, his mother has refused to give him back the money, and this moved the young boy to tears as he blocked her on the road, requesting for the money.

A video which surfaced the internet, shows the young boy crying uncontrollably, as he dragged his mom for refusing to give him the money.

Watch the video below;

See comments and reactions

Maxwell Lloyd: As a child that’s what we go through lol…my mum that year will tell me too repay her for the breast that I suck lol…may God bless all the mothers oit there,u all are amazing lol😂😂😂

Amakablessing Nnamani: Parents especially mothers don’t pay such money back o😔 do you know how much my mum is owning me?? Back then, once my mother sees any small money in my hand at all she would start smiling, touching me, asking me if I want her to cook so so good for me, if I like so so clothe, I will now mumushly and sheepishly hand the money over to her. When the time to collect the money back comes, you will now see how she would bone and ask me, all the foods I’ve been eating who have been buying them 🙄😔😂🤣

Elomosele Gloria: All mothers are owing, so young boy be calming down. Even your grandma is owning your mom and your great grandma is also owing your grandma😂 this owning of children na foundational inheritance. But not to worry we the upcoming mom will break our selves out. Just let mummy be okay.

Abayomi Akanbi: This reminds me of my little sister my mummy never pays her debt finish, everyday she keeps asking the money from her even though she has paid her in full

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God bless our mothers out there they are amazing

Mary Abu: so normal that is the joy of motherhood, back then i do collect mine like 10 times and mum will still be my debtor, bless all mum, and long life to her

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