We have no excuse, It’s time to restructure Nigeria – Governor El-Rufai


Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai says it is time to restructure Nigeria in order to ensure equitable distribution of resources.

He said this during a public lecture on Saturday, October 31. He maintained that restructuring the country is in the best interest of ensuring sustainable development.

El-Rufai, who cited the 2018 recommendations of the APC committee on restructuring, noted that there was a need to reorganise the country’s constitutional framework in order to give states more control over certain resources.

“It is time to make this sort of well-defined restructuring work, for the benefit of the peoples of this country. The report of our APC true federalism committee puts in one place the recommendations, and the legislative amendments to give life to a restructured polity.

I therefore call on our federal legislators and the national assembly ad hoc committee on constitutional review to take advantage of our report and initiate the constitutional and legislative amendments in either a piece-meal or comprehensive manner without further delay.

We, therefore, have no excuse not to seize this moment and do the heavy lifting for our country and our people. It is in our hands to make the structures, laws and constitutional arrangements in our country conducive to modern governance that will ensure our nation thrives in the 21st century,” he said.

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Martin Beck: You have to start by first of all settling the Southern kaduna crisis and make citizens in the state safe.

Person wey forget condom inside no dey grab another one.

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Ayomide Daniel: That is one of the scheme he will use to scam ignoramus ones for 2023 election, buhari said the same thing in 2005 before he ranted change and next level… Youths must be ahead of this analog theif schemes, we want total restructure or disintegration and it must be by youths agitation

Jeffrey Iruke: Na so …..wants to buy into the south sympathy. We woke, if it cannot happen with Buhari then I bet it can’t with you

Ngozi Ugwu: Day done break because the youths shake una small abi,l laugh
Mr.Governor you people should put it into action ooo, because we done tire to dey hear it’s time to restructure Nigeria.
Restructure kill una there, una papa

Ikpa Joseph: El Rufai has started 2023 campaign oo. The same way we were deceived into demonic change. Remember, some days ago,a group,perhaps WhatsApp group, threatened to sue him should he fails to contest the 2023 election..

Simply Lily: All talk and no action makes our government more unreliable. This is Super Story….

Sheck Zee: We no want restructure again ooh! Please we the owners of Nigeria are ready to sale it out with affordable price to the western country..

We have no excuse, It’s time to restructure Nigeria – Governor El-Rufai
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