“What I do with my body shouldn’t be your generational problem”- Actress, Nkechi Blessing fires back at those calling her a prostitute

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Actress, Nkechi Blessing has taken to Instagram to lambaste trolls and those accusing her of being a prostitute and a loose woman.

The 32-year-old brand ambassador iterated that she has the right to do whatever she wants with her body and it is nobody’s generational problem.

The heavily-endowed actress questioned if she has ever claimed to be a virgin and advised those trolling her to change their narrative and mind their businesses.

Read her post below;

Some low life frustrated idiots on the gram are always quick to open their gutter mouth and call a woman Bitch,prostitute,you F**k this,f**k that!!! And I am supposed to cry my eyes out? Or feel bad? When I do not remember telling you or anyone else I was a virgin that haven’t had sex before? Ya all must be moving mad…it’s high time all this frustrated internet troll get a better Line…Pathetic set of losers!!! What a 32 year old woman chooses to do with her body shouldn’t be your generational problem..Mind the business that pays you👌 PERIODTTTT!!!

See her post below,

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Chibunna Festus: In this life, people must talk. So prostitute in peace with your body let them talk in peace with their mouths. It’s a win win thing for everyone 😅

Samuel Ike: U no we in nigeria we don’t no how to mind our business we are not like united kingdom but no reason am na due to lack of job in nigeria is not our fault

Chinyere Okongba: Pls those people calling her a prostitute have u slept with her before or has ur husbands slept withe her this life self in fact this Nigeria self so a woman cant just live her life and make money without being tagged a prostitute.na God go punish all of una nonsense

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Vivian Jeremiah: No matter what you do in life people will always always talk. So leave your life the way to want my dear @Actress Nkechi

Olasupo Bamidele: Calling her a “prostitute” is overboard. But hanty, for the sake of decency, please minimize the show.

Cecilia Elias: Sister Nkechi And u are proud?
Please if I may ask u for how long will continue this habit of prostituting, and what have u gain suffer in doing it my dr u see this our body and life is not ours but God so please take care of it because our body is the temple where God dwell in it. A word is enough for the wise!

Angel Joseph: Aunty leave them let them talk, no be today aproko start ..I believe say those Pharisees for Bible na Nigerians them be🙄🙄

Chidalu Ekene: Anty it does oo Biko, years to come u will ask us to pray or donate money for surgery, we are avoiding future expenses

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