What is the craziest thing your mom ever caught you doing? Read funny unedited comments from Nigerians

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What is the craziest thing your mom ever caught you doing? Read funny unedited comments from Nigerians

Faith Wuleng Abari: My uncle gave me a big broiler chicken, mum slaugtered d chicken, fried it n hid it. We werre anxiously waiting to eat chicken but we didnt know where she kept it.Everyday i mop d house i hate goin under her bed to mop cos its very low n there was no mopper then. This particular day she forced me to mop under her bed, na dia i go jam chicken for rubber. Everyday i will mop under her bed for like 10mins 😂😂😂, one day my aunt was like, dis girl has changed oh, she dat hates mopping under dat bed, now she does dat daily 🙆🙆🙆. Mumsie heard her n was like, bring dat rubber under d bed for me, already i was trying to swallow d meat in my mouth…chai i brought d rubber out, mumsie opened n only one piece was remaining out of 22 pieces of meat 🙆🙆😂😂😂😂, my mother beat d taste of chicken out of my womb, ovaries n future generations. Chai i still get goose pimples wen i remember dat day.

Adeniyi Adenike Nafsat : I was in Primary School and came home during break time with my friends,then my Grand Ma was with us so she used to give us things to eat but that faithful day Ìyá Lade as fondly called leave office before closing time as she is coming up the front staircase we were busy going down through the back own .I nearly fell down because it was slippery.Since then I used to stay glue to my seat till closing hour.😂

May Ryam: I was watching porn with my earphone and I slept off,the earphone removed from my phone and it was so loud he could hear from his room, when my dad was tired of hearing foolish moans,he came to switch off the phone for me. My nonsense sisters that were sleeping next to me couldn’t hear shit,sleeping like fuuuuuuuuuuus!!!😩.

Orebanwo omolara: Bad day devil drink water
I went to see my boyfriend at ilaro den but I told my mom that am going to church program (camp) that I ll spend lik three days thre,when I gt to ilaro I called my mom dat am in camp already she said ok ooo pray for us oo,but greet that your boyfriend for me wen u cm back we will settle d rest….I was shocked lik 10 mins I couldn’t close my mouth……RIP mom😭

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Ngozi Ngozi: I cnt even relate my own… The thing still dea shock me till now. I boro film from one of my padi like that…bcus I saw women dressing like pirates on d disc, I was happy I Don jam beta film. Nd mumsy dea house dea break egusi….na so I just play d Film. At first a man was jst weeping a woman in d field with long koboko… B4 I knw it… D man remove her top… Mumsy clear her throat, drop egusi cross her legs. At this point I was sweating ND praying 4 dat scene to next. B4 I say Jack ribbonson ….dea were naked. So, I just stylishly move to d DVD player to remove d film…. Na so mumsy speak language say Mke I leave am…. Say she won watch too…. My fello ranters lemmi cut d story short…at d end mumsy break both DVD, television ND my head. I keep d yeye guy malice for almost 3 months…til now, I Neva 4gve am finish.

Amarachi Obinwa Vera: #ThrowBack During Kano riot, Sabon Gari was our place of refuge. If the riot persisted, Village becomes our place of rest. For this reason i spent two years in the Village during one of those intense riots.

I learnt things sha, things i didn’t know what they meant in Igbo because i only knew basics like ‘bia, nnu, akwukwo, ulo uka, ose, gawa, uzo, ndi, anya, nti, afo, elile’ and other basics. I was just in primary two(2) at that time.

One of those days i went out with my peers to play at the village square, learnt a new song and came back home when it was night.

We were peeling melon that night, Granny, my Cousin, my Mum and my siblings, and then from the recess of my heart the new song that i learnt sprang up.

Like a Nightingale for an auditioning i started my call and response song….

‘ Chimuanya—–Mmm

Imu kwa anya—–amum

Oyi na tu gi——otum

Isi’m kpuchie gi—-ikpum.’

I was minding my own business o, peeling my own share of melon seeds while repeating the new song i learnt when lightening struck on my face.

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It was all dark for a short while and then my Granny’s voice came from a distance..

‘Salome hapu ya!’

Men and Brethren!!!

It rained tears that day.

It ended in torrents of tears. Nobody told me what i did wrong till today, i had to figure it out when i knew the meaning….

Let me not just remember now

I’ve been caught doing worse 😔, but, let me finish my work fess

Wonny Promise Ekefre: I love romance novels
Started buying it in secondary school after reading my uncle’s novel then

I knew I’d be in trouble if I read it like that so I’ll put the novel in my school text or notes and read
If you See Me reading you’ll think I’m a very serious student meanwhile na novel🙄

One of those days the devil decided to put me in trouble. I forgot the novel under the pillow after reading it, I don’t even know what my mother was looking for only to carry the pillow and see a novel “seducing the prince” with a picture of an almost naked woman
I wanted the ground to swallow me up
The beatings that followed ehn,I don’t even want to remember how she threatened to tell my dad, that one alone is wrongest number,I had to do everything she asked me to even without being told to avoid trouble.

The day my dad caught me is another story sef
Lemme be going🚶🚶🚶🚶

Diana Adeoye: Somethings we do as kids, a big girl in my compound we call Adaocha asked me to go and get my mother’s snake and ladder, meanwhile there is a strict embargo on the item, not knowing how to take abi steal it, I tried putting it under my dress, no way, I now put it by my mum’s bedroom window and went round to take it, lo and behold, as I was running, I slipped, in a bid to protect the ludo I break the glass and it gave me a cut on my palm, see blood, that wasn’t my problem, but that I am dead already, just imagining the beating. The aunty took off and my mum just said your only punishment for this crime is your must go to hospital to stitch the wound. From that day, common give me salt, I will just direct you to my mum.

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Blessing David: Saw a love letter in my bag that my child hood feiend and crush wrote to me. I just collected the letter and put it in my bag I did not even read the letter because then all the love love thing no just dey worry me.I was say 14 then although in ss3….she just summoned the boy who was her friends son and me come and see lecture and preaching I was so embarrassed and ashamed chaiii….he apologized to mom and she encouraged him to focus more on his book…lollllll….say him no enter ground that day na by Gods grace

Lorenta Enekpoke: It was my Dad that caught me with my male friend oooo, I follow the Bobo go beg him babe on our way back I didn’t know my dad was behind us we were laughing before I heard my name from behind, I don’t need to look back before I know who was calling na so I take run leave the guy ooooo, the rest was history abeg

Obiageli Chimaroke: Long story after my weac I had some guy that was Turing my small head oo one evening í say make I waka go do small visiting I never knew my mother was following me at my back I knock for Bobo door I enter leaving my shoes outside as hugging and kissing was about to start come. Hear heavy knock for door obiageriiiiiii come out 😂😂 I faint wake up faint again wake again na fine boy open door to avoid crowd trust Lagos olodi Apapa for that matter fine boy tell my mother your daughter is not here my mother who get this shoes the fine boy say na his sis own my mother carry my shoe go house I went immediately with bare foot home I follow back street come see shame after that day I respect myself 😂😂

Maryjane Elom: My mum caught me licking raw Maggie cube she now quarrelled me and said that millipede water is what they use to make Maggie that’s why it has to be cooked before usage😂😂😂

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