“WHAT WIKE WANTS ….HE GETS?” ~ Kingsley Wenenda Wali

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A couple of years back, I stated here – on the Facebook platform, that anyone who believed that President Goodluck Jonathan & his wife were using Hon. Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, Minister of Education (as he then was), to fight Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, didn’t know the brand they call WIKE. I made it abundantly clear that nobody uses WIKE. Rather, WIKE uses everybody. It didn’t start during the 2020 PDP Ward primaries. We first noticed it in 1998. Rivers State & Nigeria have not been the same since then.

I remember very clearly his vow at the Obio Akpor LGA office of INEC on the night of the local government elections in 1998. WIKE was not on the ballot, but pointedly said to me “Oga, this people are wasting their time. I will be chairman of Obio Akpor LGA.” I was seated on the boot of his metallic green flat boot Mercedes Benz 200. I’m not sure if I actually paid attention to what he was saying. I was more focused on the madness around the precincts of the collation centre. At this point, a truck load of anti riot policemen had just been emptied there to chase the Eric Aso crowd led by “Dogo”. However, what I can remember is the calmness and certainty with which he made this proclamation. Of course, that night passed & his kinsman Rochas Ichenwo of the Wike’s PDP, was declared the winner. He never won, because WIKE was sworn in as the LGA council chairman. How?

The fact is that WIKE had challenged the result of the primaries in 1998, that declared Rochas Ichenwo the winner. He went to court, lost at the first instance & proceeded to meet with his destiny at the tribunal chaired by the later to be appointed Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Iyorgyer Katsina-Alu. Some said a case was made for him at the manor of Justice Alu by late Koripamo D. Ungbuku. The rumor peddlers also claimed, that he stopped picking Ungbuku’s calls as soon as Katsina Alu started picking his calls. Anyway, you know there is nothing rumormongers will not spread. What is not rumor, is that the panel chaired by Katsina Alu, declared WIKE the candidate of the PDP and ordered fresh elections. The rest as they say, is history.

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Later in life, WIKE claimed that he was the one that managed (all alone) the recovery of the mandate that Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, forcefully took away from Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi. I was not an insider, but know that he was not Lateef Fagbemi who made a case for CRA from the lower courts to the Supreme Court panel, that was however chaired by Justice Aloysius Iyorgyer Katsina-Alu. What I do know, is that WIKE had the spare key to the late CJN’s bedroom & the key was secured during his tenure as Chairman of Obio Akpor LGA. I believe as a measure of gratitude to WIKE for whatever role he played, Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi, appointed him his Chief of Staff, even though I was told he preferred Commissioner of Finance. E get why. He proceeded to become the most influential Chief of Staff in the history of mankind. CRA knows how to trust because he judges everyone by his standards. He didn’t want a chief of staff in name, but a chief of staff indeed. By the time CRA discovered that his trust in WIKE was hurting & undermanning him & decided to ship him to Abuja, the harm had already been done. He wanted the senatorial slot and it was denied him. He was nominated as a minister, after Tonye Cole’s name was dropped. He became the minister of state for education. Of course there are different versions of how he got there.

On assumption of office, he evolved fully. First, he pitched in early with Mrs Patience Jonathan & then Dr Jonathan himself. After securing this front, he challenged his former boss to a duel. A lot
of people were deceived into believing that he was fighting for his current boss, but I warned then that WIKE didn’t care about the life and death of anyone else. The Jonathans were forced into a false sense of loyalty and this cost them the presidency. They felt they could do business with the more loyal WIKE than the “combustible” CRA. They battled CRA & made sure he didn’t produce his successor, put WIKE into office with the most brazen and brutal exhibition of state power. In the end, President Goodluck Jonathan went back to Otuoke because WIKE had to be governor. They never knew it was about WIKE all along. Funny enough, people still underestimate what he can or cannot do when WIKE wants power. For him, it’s a zero-sum kinda stuff. No limits. Or don’t we know the rest of the story of how WIKE became governor & how it has redefined the whole idea of ascension to power and what to do with power?


It is this his principle of power is power that will inform his succession politics and his next move in 2023. I have heard of an Ikwerre Agenda or the phantom governorship ambition of some of his allies. First & foremost, there is no Ikwerre Agenda. The only agenda that exists is the WIKE AGENDA & it’s primary instruments are Hon Samuel Wanosike & His Excellency Segun Oni; and the targets are Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi & Prince Uche Secondus. How or what? WIKE has no emotions when he wants something. It’s because WIKE knows that there will be no Ikwerre sentiments to play on, he has decided to take the fight to CRA in his Ikwerre LGA by propping Hon Samuel Wanosike, who is visibly the most performing local govt Chairman in Rivers State & probably the best in the history of that local govt. I’m sure this is debatable, but there is no Ward in that LGA that does not have the signature of Bambay. Fact! The other fact is that WIKE expects that by 2023, Bambay would’ve done enough to stand up to CRA brand in that LGA. I’m not sure the CRA army is noticing this as they brawl & seek relevance in the Lion’s den. This plot is also inclusive of the dethronement of Prince Uche Secondus & installation of a new Emir of PDP. He has gone to the West to wake up a party that is literally dead. With OBJ, they have decided to field Segun Oni – presently of the APC. Segun Oni is expected to lead some disgruntled APC members back to PDP. With this completed & the North mobilized under His Excellency Waziri Tambuwal & him (WIKE) in-charge of the Eastern Region, 2023 would’ve been settled.


So what does WIKE want next? Is it Rt Hon Austin Opara as his successor? Ikwerre Agenda? That’s just a tool to getting what WIKE wants. So, what does WIKE want or this time, what doesn’t WIKE want. The truth is that I’m certain about what he doesn’t want. President Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. So, does he always get what he doesn’t want?

It’s been a very interesting period for politicians and Nigerians. While the PDP politicians had a fairly steady flight as they held their Ward congresses. For APC, the flight was the real meaning of a turbulent flight. Even the pilots panicked & had to make an emergency landing at a nearby landing strip. I imagine that as soon as the control tower sends in a favorable weather report, the flight will eventually land & discharge the unwanted cargo.
For Nigerians, the worry has been largely about COVID-19 & the trickledown economic issues. Some are asking if the government is acting responsibly or that we are simply operating under grace. This is a very reasonable question to ask because how can a country not know how many we are or how many people are infected with the Coronavirus? Whatever, let’s just pray 🙏

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