If you watched Whitemoney’s dairy session today, you won’t but agree with me that it was fun and very entertaining and a far departure from the last Friday dairy session where he complained to biggie that there was “traffic in his head” accompanied by an inability to read and comprehend briefs for task to be performed – a case which Biggie told him was a mild case of dyslexia.

I like all the very sweet things he said about Queen to Biggie today irrespective of he still saying he is EMOTIONALLY attached to Jackie B who I think would have made him dull and lose his concentration if she was still in the house.

He should just continue to remain this happy with Queen because it helps his game as well and I believe that the emotional attachment will certainly come by the time he sees video of Jackie B “Daddy Zoning” him and insisting that it is Michael for her because Michael is fresh and speaks good English. God that sent Jackie B out of Biggie’s house and in less than 24 hours Whitemoney who was mockingly called the ‘kitchen man’ became the head of house to shut those mouths, and left him with no option than to choose Queen as his Deputy in the absence of Jackie B, which would not have happened in her presence, has the final say.

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