Obarinee Wai-Ogosu

The immediate past Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Neatherlands, Ambassador Oji Ngofa, a two term Chairman of Eleme Local Government Council, and former Deputy National Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Congress, paid a scheduled visit to H.R.M. King Apollos Chu, the Egbere-Emere Okori in Ogale, Eleme, Riverstate, as part of the warm reception organised by Friends of Oji Ngofa in his honour after a period of meritorious service to the federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ever since Ambassador Oji Ngofa’s emergence in the political scene, he has left no one in doubt of his vision and mission, which is anchored on service to humanity, he has always been looking out for solutions to alleviate the sufferings of his people, by trying to understand their concerns and offering help irrespective of their affiliation.

Part of why Ambassador Oji Ngofa choose to visit, and work with H.R.M. King Apollos Chu, the Egbere-Emere Okori, is because of his empathy for the Eleme people, he has used his powers the way it should be used , through hardwork and entrepreneurship prowess. King Apollos Chu has improved himself, created wealth for himself and spreading the wealth among our people, the Eleme people.

Unlike those using their wealth and position to subdue helpless citizens.

The people have questioned the mechanism of choosing the traditional leaders for it doesn’t conform with contemporary reality, the Eleme people do not run a monarch system, but it appears the traditional institution has by itself instituted monarchy indirectly by bringing a conclave of people that choose among themselves.

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The people have chosen not to be part of such unjust contraption, for they’ve lost the moral right to control or lead the same community they have oppressed, denied, and taken away their opportunities, especially the mismanagement of the shares given by the federal government to the host communities.

It is obvious the traditional institutions are created by the people, and when they don’t meet up with present verity, it is the people’s duty to amend them.

Amending the system, when they’re not meeting up, is in line with local and international practices, that’s why there are constitutional amendments in the world.

To the people the system have failed to protect their interest, a traditional system that does not protect the weak is anti-people.

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