Why The Igbo Neighbours Chose Nigeria Over Biafra ~ Ikenda Elechi


In response to a publication credited to the Son of late Ojukwu, wherein he implied that the neighbors of Ndigbo hate the Igbos, i argued inter alia;

This is an unfair assessment of the neighbors of Ndigbo. Very unfair and insensitive, to say the least.

The neighbors of Ndigbo do not hate them, neither do they disassociate themselves from them.

The truth is that the human society is governed along interest lines and as you well know, it’ll be in the interest of her neighbors to refuse to go into a marriage with Ndigbo, a homogeneous ethnic group which on their own, would account for over 60-70% of population while all her neighbors comprising of several different ethnicities put together would account for barely 30-40% of the so called Eldorado Biafra Republic

If we feared domination in a Nigeria that has several different ethnicities, what is the guarantee that in a Biafra that has Igbos dominating almost its entire population, we would fair better?

The undeniable reality is that should Biafra come as presently imagined, there would be more clearly an overwhelming majority Igbos in the Military, Civil Service, including her citizenry

This realization is called “enlightened self interests” and not hatred.If we hated Ndigbo, majority of our Wives and Mothers wouldn’t be Igbos

In all, what we as her neighbors want is to remain in a multi ethnic Nigeria based on equity and fairness and not to sleepwalk ourselves from Frying Pan to Fire

Leaving a country where three big ethnic groups compete and in the process reach out to the smaller ones for alliance sounds better than walking into a union where just one ethnic would constitute an overwhelming majority in all spehere of her National life

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cc: Joe Igbokwe,

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