Why Vaccine’s Side Effect Is A Better Evil To COVID 19 Virus

I just finished reading Mao Nangi O ‘s post on the Covid19 Vaccine conversations.

I have keenly followed discussions on the Vaccine story. And here are my personal conclusions;

1. While it is true that Astrazeneca showed signs of blood clot in some climes, its potency has not been disproved by any accredited research authority

2. The blood clot, which is it’s only side effects in some persons (not all) is a minor effect when compared to the danger of the virus. Put differently, a person can easily survive the side effects, but not necessarily so with the virus. So on a scale, the advantages of taking the Vaccine far outweigh the disadvantages

3. Most of the cynism stories surrounding the Vaccine are from those who never believed the virus existed ab initio.
More so is that just like Mao wrote, “He Heard or Read”. Most of those spreading this stories have not taken the Vaccine themselves and may likely not seen someone who has. This makes their stories purely a factor of fear/doubt, than evidence. They should begin to tell us where they “heard” or “read” all of these stories, what authorities wrote what they heard or read? We need to be certain of this so as not to spread more fear, especially the unfounded ones

4. The choice of AstraZeneca in Nigeria is because of its climatic compatibility with our region and the ease of infrastructural storage. To be clear, we have the Infrastructures to store it when compared to the Infrastructures needed to store other vaccines. The choice is not because our leaders wanted to punish us, the citizens

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5. The allegation that the pictures of those taking the vaccine are fake pictures or that there are no contents in the syringes are from people who are far from those who took the vaccines. For eg, I don’t know if Nangi has been close to those who took the vaccine so as to confirm that what they’re taking is “something else” or is is just another of those social media stories

In all, while people are free to raise concerns, let’s not be unmindful of how what we write or say can affect our audience. A little sense of History may also help us here
As recent as less than 5years ago, some persons in the North somehow concluded that the Polio vaccine meant for eradication of Polio was an indirect means of reducing their population by elements from the South as well as a challenge to Islam. For this reason, they mounted stiff opposition to it. This conclusion based on purely imaginative information made Nigeria the only country in the world where Polio existed until recently

I hope we are learning as much as we should

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