“Governor Wike hasn’t seen anything yet. He will continue to cry mourn and mumble over the departure of more PDP governors”, the Rivers Chapter of the APC has stressed.
The party said in a statement issued by its Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke after a meeting held at the State party Secretariat in Port Harcourt on Thursday that the Rivers Governor who is busy quarelling with everyone  “has converted himself into the Senior Prefect of the PDP.”
“The Senior Prefect who has picked a fight with Governor Umahi would cry some more, given the nature of events that are playing out in the country, particularly in the South East where the deceit of the PDP is gradually being understood.

“Wike has admitted himself that another PDP Governor would soon follow the example of Governor David Umahi. We want to seize the opportunity to tell him that the number of defecting governors after Umahi would be more than one.

The APC statement noted that Wike’s anguish over the defection of Governor Umahi of Ebonyi State is premised on the fact that it exposes the truth behind the propaganda that the PDP has been churning out.

We know why Wike is furious. Such high brow defections in the PDP are frustrating his effort to deceive the Rivers people with tales that are not properly founded. We know that the foundation of the PDP across the State and country is shaky.

The All Progressives Congress  described the claim by the PDP that about 5000 of its members have dumped the party as mere fabrications.

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“Our findings show that  there are no facts to corroborate the PDP’s claim that about 5000 people have left the APC. Our members in the three Local Government Areas that the Governor referred to last week are still intact. They have not moved an inch.”

The APC which urged its members in the State to remain resolute and unshaken noted:

“Our membership registration which would kick-start across the country any moment from now would justifiably put a lie to this misleading claim by the PDP.

“It would prove that the four decampees went, as hired individuals, to act parts in the movie directed by Governor Nyesom Wike  and produced by the PDP.

“Recall that prior to that event which held penultimate Thursday, there was an initial attempt by the PDP to deceive the Rivers people with claims that over 2000 persons have left the APC in Gokana.

“That turned out to be a complete lie, particularly after a disclaimer issued by the Gokana chapter of our great party. The people of Gokana know that no such event took place.”

The APC explained that out of the four persons, only one was a member of the party. It said the remaining three were not.

“Four persons, from facts that are emerging after the noise making scene were dressed up for the rehearsal which took place at the PDP State Secretariat.

“One of them, an appointee of the leadership of the APC at the South South office was a party member while the rest were not.

“Henry Ogiri who was afraid of the EFCC  sought refuge in the APC after he left office. Now that the long arm of the law has caught up with some of his ill-gotten wealth, he has made a quick dash for the PDP.

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“Lolo Ibieneye drifted along to the APC from the PDP in the company of Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs. When the gubernatorial ambition of his principal was not realized on the platform of the APC, he went with him to the Accord Party. How can Lolo claim to be an APC member?”

“The former of the Muslim Pilgrims Board was appointed because of his Islamic exposure.  In the APC,  we do not play politics with religion and we do not have evidence of his membership of our great party.

“People deceive people  and the PDP, especially in Rivers State, is well known for spreading deliberate falsehood and  engaging in widespread public deception. It is a party which continually proves that the concoction of lies is ingrained as part of its DNA.

“Nigerians, particularly the Rivers people are not confused in any way  by the extent that the PDP can go in deceiving itself and confusing the populace.  Incidentally, that is the path that the PDP in Rivers State has decided to tow.

“We have sympathy for the PDP. The reason is that Nigerians know them better than they think. We are in no way deceived by these people in the PDP.”

The APC statement signed by Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke, its Spokesman  urged the people to ignore Wike’s false claims over the Bodo – Bonny Road.

“It is a well known fact that work on that road was abandoned by the PDP which was in power for 16 years.

“The APC revived that project and work is progressing on that site. We are surprised that the Governor would claim ignorance of the fact that trade by barter exists.

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“Trade by barter is an instrument which economic theorists acknowledge, could be used in the conduct of economic transactions. It simply says nations, institutions and people can use what they have in times of need in exchange for what they want.

“If the Federal Government has decided that the NLNG should use money which ought to return to its confers as tax to construct a road that is  economically viable,  what is wrong with that?

“What the federal action means is that the NLNG set up by the Federal Government and which ought to pay taxes would enjoy what experts refer to as tax holidays when the time comes. This is the truth that Governor Wike did not tell Rivers people. ”
Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke,
APC, Rivers State.

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